This moment has power

This moment is all you get. This moment is all you are guaranteed. When you hear, live like there is no tomorrow, we mean live like this is the last moment you have in this life. If it were your last, most would choose to feel happiness, joy, abundance, love, peace, and gratefulness. This is your time, do not wait. Your inner environment determines your outer world. Everyone sees life differently, which means you can choose to feel differently right now. Be fully present in this moment. Feel this moment. Nothing else in this universe matters but this moment. Your thoughts in this moment are your choice. Make the choice to think greater than your current reality, see the beautiful of this life. Feel the beauty of this life, right now… do not wait, this cannot wait. Be here, right now, thinking about this very moment in time. If you had everything in life that you want, whatever that is, what would that feel like? Feel that now, do not wait, the moment is almost over, be present. Fear resides in the past and in the future. If you could fix it right now you would not worry or fear it. Being present is our weapon against fear. Be present, feel only this moment how you desire to feel. No one or thing can take this moment from you, it is a gift from God, what will you do with this gift. Alcohol Anonymous is famous for this. Do not worry about being sober all day and night, just be sober in this moment and life takes care of itself. Live like this is it, love like this is it, feel everything is right, feel the light in your soul in this moment. This is the gift of life; how will you choose to experience it?

Going through it

Wonderful news! Whether I believe I am breaking through or breaking down, I am right. I am always right. For what a man thinketh, he is. May my yesterday be gone forever. May my trials of yesterday provide the motivation for today. May my past turn to knowledge and wisdom. If yesterday’s door did not open, it just means it was not my door.

Today is the day. God gave me this day to do good things. I will not waste it. Everyday has choices, the exercise of freewill. Today I choose to seize the day. Today i must let my light shine bright, for the whole world to see. If the world does not know one is in darkness, how can they see the light that I carry with me?

Life is never 180 degrees out of phase. It only takes one small step to change my course, my destiny. I must start filling in the pages of my book with intentional living and intentional thoughts, not a prisoner of yesterday.  The key to success and life are the same. Think greater than my current reality. Be one degree greater today than yesterday and greatness will find me and make me a friend. I must be 100% present today. Thoughts are in my control, despotism or greatness, the choice is mine. Whether I believe I am at the end of my book or just a chapter, I am right. I chose to turn the page on yesterday. Today’s page is blank, what should I write? If the words are to be read at my life’s end, what would I want it to say about today? “He persisted without exception to first know himself and then to lift all those he could. He knew that wisdom is experience and knowledge, that if you are to guide others through the dark times, you must travel through a few dark days.”
How can one draw a map of a road he has not traveled? How can one tell of the exit to success if one has not taken it? How can one teach strength if one has not had to demonstrate any? How can one demonstrate character without testing it? How can one tell of the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ if one let’s go of his hand in the hardness of times? The hardest steel is forged in the hottest fire. This is my opportunity to prove my worth. The most beautiful part is knowing the fight has been won, and I will live today demonstrating this truth.

Joy cannot be taken; it must be given. Happiness is not a place or thing, it is an emotion, you must feel emotions, and know that you have the choice of what you feel. Feeling joyous in the toughest of times is your way of demonstrating power over the external world. This is your power, do not give it away. Being a victim or person of great emotional and physical strength in life is a choice. Choose strength, if only for today.

Seek & You Will Find

Seek and you will find, ask and you will be answered. Why do you seek things not in me? Why do you seek your father’s worship? Did I not tell you in my word to not worship as your father worshiped? Why do you seek his religion in all things? Look for me. Look for me in all things and you will find me. I created all, both sinner and enlightened. I am in the darkness and in the light. If you lose your way, know that I am in the darkness with you. Sometimes I put you in the darkness so that your light will shine bright for others to follow. I do this this, for your testimony. How can you guide others to the light if you have not seen the dark? Do not fear, for I am here. I am in everything thing, I am in you, and I am in the those that have strayed from the light, I am in those that know not of the light. Look for me in all things. Do not judge, and you will not be judged. From the mouse in the field to the eagle in the heavens I am here, look for me. Know that you do not need to look to only one path, I am the path, wherever your feet are pointed, I am the path. Do not seek perfection, I made you perfect. Perfection is not to be sought but to be realized. Look for me l, I am here.

Feel my presence all around you now. Close your eyes and look for me. Make no image of me, because I am in you… look for me. I wait here for you. Look not for strength outside of you. I have already won this fight. Close your eyes and look for me. I am here. I give you what you believe. If you believe in your religion, I give you this. If you believe in love, I give you love. But know, these were given to you when I conceived you, you must only manifest them through faith into your time. There is nothing in the tomorrow I have not seen. I have given you all you need to be part of the miracle of life and consciousness. Look for me in you, look for me in all things. I created the atom, the proton, the electron, the nucleus and consciousness. I am everything… I am the way. Look for me. I love you with the tenacity of a thousand worlds and I have perfected you. Do not corrupt me. I am the truth and the life. Know that not all that is written is truth. I am the truth… look for me. Know that the past and history are not the same. Know that your future can be great or mediocre, because of free will. You have the choice between love and hate, hope and fear, peace or ruin. Look for me and I will show you the way. I love you. I walk with you always. Look for me, I am here.


Discovery does not lie at the end of a journey in all cases. In some cases, it starts the journey of more discovery. This is true for me, or at least that is my theory on the matter. Please join me in the discovery of things in this life that are meaningful and purposeful. Break the habit of the mental programs that drives most through this life.

The kingdom that the Bible speaks of may be known and therefore we should really treat this life as the only one we get and live it to the fullest. This does not mean becoming a monk, not saying that’s bad, just saying you can start from where you are and become wonderfully inspired about this life.

Come with me on an exploration into God and Science. Where and how all things fit into these, once opposite poles of faith, now moving toward one another. If this is my last minute on earth, I want to spend it joyous, in love and filled of peace of mind. Life is short, do not waste it.