Stop talking to hear

One cannot speak and listen at the same time with few exceptions. The human baby’s brain remains in theta, the first 7 years of life and so they can listen and learn even when they are talking. As we age the cognitive ability and progresses change, therefore a teenager never seems to be listening, because they are thinking. Once this child could pick up a curse word in the car while watching a video. The teen cannot seem to retain things that you write backwards on their foreheads. Therefore. You cannot talk and listen at the same time. If you want to hear the voice of God, you must stop talking (thinking) for minute. This, I believe has been the stumbling block of science.

Why has science not been able to prove the existence or nonexistence of God. Number one, science for the most part, is not looking for God. This raises a very interesting question, if science is not looking for God, what is science looking for? Is science looking to disprove Gods existence? And if science is trying to prove God does not exist, for the most part, why has science not been successful? In science, a hypothesis is tested/duplicated to advance to a theory. If the hypothesis cannot be proven but cannot be unproven it can still advance to theory. Why is it that that neither theory/hypothesis cannot be proven or unproven?

It is amazingly interesting to listen to a lecture on quantum mechanics, and quantum wave theory. Most go to extreme lengths to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room, the essence of God.  During these lectures some like myself are asking ourselves, where have I heard this before? Oh yes, the bible. The story of the tower of Babylon. God changed the language of the workers so the tower could not be built/completed. Science has so many different diseases looking at different things, and they rarely speak to each other.

The funny thing is the greatest discoveries come from outside the area of study. Einstein was not a physicist, he was a mathematician, the Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics. Point is science can learn something from itself. Look for everything to discover anything.

As we live and breathe

Thinking and feeling is the communication medium of the creator. Science has proven this, and it is validated in the bible, when Jesus says the ask anything in my name and it will be added to you. The disciples asked, how we ask when you are not here and Jesus said I am with you always, for you see the created, but as in me is in you, the uncreated. The uncreated is consciousness i.e. thoughts and feelings.

There is a danger in thought and feeling being the communication medium to the creator however, because you can request horrible things that the creator will provide. If our thoughts and feelings are negative or self-destructive, these things will be manifested just the same. Worry is such a toxic emotion that destroys the manifestations of many. To manifest is to plant a seed in the garden of your mind. Worry will either till in weeds to choke out you seeds or simply pull them up before the harvest is ready.

Good news however, because worry cannot live in the present. You must intentionally worry in the present to uproot the good seeds you have sown. The bible says repeatedly, as a directive to remain in the moment, to cast yesterday away and spend little time in tomorrow for you have no power in these places.

Quantum Wave Theory builds on the ideological belief that we are all connected, and quantum entanglement theory may very well prove we are both connected to the creator and living in heaven at the same time. Jesus says that we see the kingdom of heaven when we become like children. This has various levels of meaning, most of which is centered in, you know the end by knowing the beginning and to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow, but to be happy and joyous in your hour. The human is consciously aware on some level from conception or the human would not know how to form. Remember the definition of consciousness is intelligence and intention. When the bible says you will not die but live in Christ, this means the uncreated you, will not die, because it has never been created. The body will die, but not you.

Science knows now that quantum waves have energy fields and we can measure the energy field around the body. Therefore, when our bodies die who is to say our consciousness and energy does not remain, but because we are so consumed by the physical world, we do not look for energy where a body does not exist. Are ancestors may still be here living in their heaven or hell as their energy was not created but assigned to a body. The bible says the body is the temple and in it the creator of all things dwells. Think on these things today.

Seek and you will find

Seek and you will find, knock and it will be answered. Biblical and philosophical words that have now moved to the realm of science. Scientists are now studying the subatomic particles that make up the atom. Multiple theories suggest that these subatomic particles are entangled to other subatomic particles, possibly outside the known universe. Very quickly, entanglement means mirroring of two particles separated by space. For example, if to balls are entangled, when one is bounced, the other bounces at the same rate, identical movement.

If the subatomic particles that make up everything in the known universe are entangled with particles someplace unknown, as hypothesized by multiple scientific sources, science may have truly found our link to God. Additionally, if all things are connected as theorized through subatomic energy waves, we can manifest anything we want. But seek and you will find means don’t stop looking if you find a way to manifest money or joy, because there is so much more to find.

I predict that God does not want us to stop looking, no matter what we think we find. Remember seeking silver, and you obtain silver, but seek me and gain the world. No matter how successful you think you are, keep looking. Seek and you will find, knock and the infinite will continue to be revealed is my conclusion. Two years ago, I had a saying come to me that I could not understand as to why it kept playing in my head, “find your journey”. Look for God, for he is the path. Physics for hundreds of years have not found proof of God, because they were not looking to find God, they were looking to disprove his existence because they, at their core do not like things they do not understand, and yet they have only managed to prove they still do not understand. Seek and you will find. Find your journey, it is out there.

Best you

There is a concept out there that states, if you believe there is something specific that you can do in the next 24 hours that will make your work life, your spiritual life, love life and health worse, that there is something specific that you can do to make them all better. It is a choice and the choice is yours. Most of us know that the human being spends the first 7 years in a theta brain wave pattern, meaning, we learn like a sponge, and we do not have to be awake to learn.

Our parent(s) may have brought us up in a hostile environment that has created some horrific mental programs that help us self-sabotage ourselves today. But I am here to tell you, that once you know this, you can consciously change. You must remain present in the moment and practice, practice, practice, since repetition or hypnosis is the only ways for you to rewrite subconscious patterns, but you have done it before. Think about learning to drive a car… crazy at first, but now, you text, talk and tweet while driving… yes, I saw you.

Best way to get started is ask a true friend or spouse what in your behavior reminds them of your parents, and every time you catch yourself doing that, say out loud, STOP. And do or say something different, think something different. It will not take very long to make your patterns and programs what you want them to be versus what you were accidently programmed as a child.

I know this sounds over simplified, but it is not. If you are someone that grew up without a father figure or a mother figure in your life, the feelings of the person who raised you about that were impressed upon you and this impacts you today, like that or not it is true. But you can change it, you just have to me thoughtful and intentional about it. Word of caution, when you start becoming the best possible you, you may find yourself at odds with casual friends since those programs may have attracted them to you, but if they don’t like the best you, you don’t need them, because most genuine friends will accumulate rather quickly. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. One final word of caution is that when the change starts to occur, you will not feel like yourself as your mind tries to fight back. Your brain will. Say wait, you have been self-sabotaging yourself by overeating for years and you just think you are going to stop, oh no buddy, 2am snickers craving coming tonight. Just be aware of it and say Stop, out loud.

Seek Love & Life

Genesis 2:7 God breathed the breath of life into Adam… Why do you think this was air? I created your physical body but put myself in you as I have written for you. You are naked before me, I know when your spirit does not match your deeds, and when the two are not one you will not find the kingdom of God. This that I have given you does not fade in death, it only returns to me, so have no fear, yet do not seek me in death, for this is not why you are made. Do not waste me, do not deceive me. Where two apposed, one cannot stand. A house cannot stand against itself; these are truths among you. I know why you do, therefore do honesty. When you say you believe outwardly, I know if your spirit of me, does not believe or does believe. Speak only truth, or do not speak, think only truth or do not think. God is all things; therefore, judgment is the condemnation of me. This is the most severe offenses against thyself. If your hand offends you, cut it off. When I say unto you, it is believed, this which you seek, the two must be one. Your voice and your thoughts must be in harmony, for if they are not, I am blocked from you.

I reside only in truth and love. In fear, doubt and judgement I am not. The word written by the prophets is read by many yet understood by few. Do not seek this path, remain hungry and seek the truth in me, as I am with you. I have told you; the blind will attempt to lead and they will build walls around their kingdom, yet condemn your walls, this serves notice that the body and spirit our not one and therefore not of me. Flea this place and seek unity in the Lord. Did Jesus seek the approval of the masses or did he seek me in solitude. I am not mocked in public or in private. Does a tree compare itself to another tree? A tree has not been given my breath, but only my physical gift. I see you like no one else, fear not, for you are mine and they are mine. Multiply the talents I have given and spend no time on those given to others, for this is not for you and to covet is to sin against yourself, the perfect being I have made you.

Know that you are two, that which is created and that which is not. Know that in all things great and small the two must be one, yet, each is to support the other. Voice, the created may proceed feeling, the uncreated, and feeling can proceed voice, but know that to be accomplished, you must be one. This is the law of me in you. See not only with your eyes, but with your heart. Light can change the darkness, but darkness cannot change the light. If the path is of darkness, I am the light that resides in you and have power over this place.

Do not seek me in death, seek me among the living. In me, there is no death. When you hear of my child Jesus, this is not a story of death, this is a story of life. Seek not the end, but the beginning. I breathed my life into you. This is the beginning and when you know this, you then know, there is no death. Seek therefore the kingdom of God today, in the living, for I am living. Do not wait for your physical body to die, for you have wasted your talent that I have given you. The physical being cannot fear death unless the breath of me in you instructs it to do so. Do not destroy my temple, your body, with these instructions. I made you to live, not to die. The alpha and omega is in you, do not seek the end, seek the journey in me. When this is done, you will enter the kingdom of God and you will be full.

When two becomes one

When the two becomes one. When my flesh becomes your flesh, you see the kingdom. When your thoughts and feelings are unified. What you think and what you feel is God’s presence and holy spirit in and around you the kingdom is at hand.

In what language did God speak to Adam in the garden? Do you honestly think God spoke an audible language, or do you think Adam and God spoke without words? Ask and believe and you will receive, is really feel and believe. Thomas told us there are no words to describe Jesus. I think this is because God does not speak this way. We have conditioned ourselves over the generations to listen for an audible voice. If you hear an audible voice, this may not be God.

What if Jesus was also sent to show us what we are capable of, what God put in everyone. Jesus did not have to overcome death; he was showing us that we all can in God. Jesus did not have to heal the sick, except to show us the one true living God that resides in all of us can do these things through everyone.

What if Jesus showed us that we have the power to be as close to God as Adam was in the beginning? What if we merely need to seek God in all things to have this close communion? Holy men and women do not heal people, God does through that person’s belief. The Pope is no closer to God than you are. Every particle in the world is God. You were created by God, you do not need to go through anyone to have communion with God, he inhabits every cell in your body.

To love another is to love God, to hate another is to hate God. This is a simple statement, as are most of the teachings in the bible, but for some reason we chose not to understand. Only a person that is like a child will see the kingdom. Meaning children do not need any worldly possession. They are not tied to this physical world. They do not see male and female, they see other children. When the two become one, means that no man or woman needs the permission of the other sex to be God’s child and empowered by him. This writing in the Bible is the most misquoted text of all time. Women were considered less of a being in biblical times, and Jesus tried to tell us that your gender does not matter. Man or woman you are his child. When you see another a Gods and not as a man or a woman, you are living this meaning from Christ.

Everything in this world is Gods. God wants you to find joy in all things, not just in the house you want or the car you want. He wants you to find joy in all things. God has given us the power to manifest anything in this world through the unification of thought and feeling. If we think we are to receive wealth but fear lack, we have not made the two one. God tells us to fear not, yet we fear. He tells us to believe and all we can believe is bad things. Be surprised by defeat, be surprised by failure. This means that we expected greatness and success with all our heart and spirit.

God does not want you to fail, but he does want you to walk a path of learning. Seek him in the darkness and the light. The grateful spirit is the most powerful gift in this life. Be grateful all things because all things are Gods. This means we must be grateful in the darkness. Anyone can be grateful when times are great. Those with the closest communion with God are grateful for breath and life in all things and places. God tries to tell us this in the bible. Daniel was grateful the lions were full and subdued like a house cat or this story would have ended much differently.

Simply, know God. Do not beg. You know the facts. Your children do not have to beg for anything that you must give. They must earn things you give, but not beg. If you tell your child that they will receive something as a gift in the future, they thank you and trust that it is done as you say. This is the relationship. You do not need to ask the priest to believe, you must believe. Challenge your mental programs and beliefs every day. Your spiritual journey is personal and unique. God see every one of his children differently. God gives us a choice to believe and trust or fear and hate.

Lastly, acid destroys the vessel in which it contained. God is love. Hating someone or something does nothing to that thing or person, but it destroys you. When you forgive a wrong, it is not for the other person or thing, it is for you. You cannot carry hate into the kingdom of God, for this is not of him. Only that which is Gods can enter the kingdom of heaven. God created all things, and God is all things, yet gave us the power to pervert these things or to see the glory in all things. Reality is what you see, not what others tell you to see. Question everything you are told and see God in everything you see and feel.

Challenge everything

Before today, I did not know the Gospel of Thomas existed. I did not know what it was about. Yet weeks ago, I wrote a phrase that is nearly identical to the text. I am not up there, I am in you, I am in all things, I am everything.

What if the traditional church is founded on the grounds of control? The catholic church says only through Christ are you going to heaven, but all leaders must be ordained by a “holy MAN”.

Why did Jesus teach in parables? Was it because the majority learn and understand more fully through this medium or was it that he knew this was the best way to get his work published beyond the church and state of the current times he lived?

We know that works were destroyed by ancient governments and churches. We know that Jesus had 12 disciples. Yet we see the records of only the ones that saw things similarly and did not upset the narrative, of unity. Our church history is based on the observation of others. I believe God held the pen, but I also believe God held the pen of the others.

Why do we not question how much information was purged during the time of Constantine? 12 different perspectives paint a more accurate picture than 6. We know the truth. Jesus said I am the truth the life and the way. He also said we too can do these works if we only believe.

The words believed to be of Thomas and other disciples indicate that there is a language that speaks directly to God. This has been INTERPRETED to mean many different things. But Jesus says plainly, believe and act if it is done and it is. Believe is to feel and act is to see or visualize. Could this be the language of God? Has the development of language united or divided us? Therefore, does our spoken language actually help or hurt us? We know the answer.

The greatest danger is truth 1% out of phase. Challenge your beliefs inwardly. Ask the Lord through thought and feeling if you should serve as your ancestors served. Answer is no by the way. How many emotions and feelings do you have that there are no words for. Language is limiting do not be held back by it. Feel and believe your destiny and it is so.

Steps three and four

Step three is find a guided meditation that speaks to you and through you. Or write a prayer that affirms your gratefulness for all the things that you need, as if you already have them. The key is to meditate or pray in a manner the leaves no doubt it is done. Please find a place that is quite and comfortable. A place that you do not fear being disturbed. The best method for me is to get up early and get into a separate room. You should make this environment one that does not trigger your body to bother you, so a comfortable temperature and no noise. It may be a good idea for you to get noise cancelling headphones for your prayer or meditation time. Finally, do this every day, and do not stop when you start getting what you desire. Stay connected to the creator.

The hardest step is step four. Once you leave your meditation or prayer you need to feel as if it is done and you need to live as if it is. You must be different, live like a person that has these things. Be greater mentally then your current reality. Remember that reality is what you think it is anyway. Two people can witness the same event and report completely different things. You have the metal ability to change your reality. Being fully present in each moment of you day is critical, so that the old mental programs do not have a chance to run and derail you. Do not get discouraged if you fall off the beam, or fall into an old thought pattern, just acknowledge it, say audibly to yourself “Stop” and regain control of your thoughts. It works.

Starting some change

I am a steward of my own success or my own failure. The thoughts that I choose dictate the outcome, because thoughts are active beliefs. Because I was raised in a poor household it is easier for me to believe in lack. If I think I am poor, the universe seeks to confirm this belief. To recondition the mind for wealth, years of negative thoughts on lack must be ripped from the fertile ground of my mind. Negative thoughts suck as lack are like weeds, and are especially hard to rid, if you put them intentionally. The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is said to explain this phenomenon better than I ever could. I do not blame my beginnings; I only acknowledge the challenge it presents when attempting to change mental programming. A religious organization used to say, give me a child until they are 7 and I will show you the man. Somehow, they knew that the human mind simply records directives like a video recorder until the age of 7. To do this as an adult, it takes forms of hypnosis. So as a child if you witnessed a daily dose of lack for the first 7 years of your life, you would find it extremely hard to think differently about money as an adult.

Step one to changing your financial belief system, is to stop condemning those that have wealth. The universe is a universe of laws. The law of attraction states that what you focus your attention on is attracted to you. If you focus on hating success the opposite of success will be attracted to you. Therefore, rejoice and feel emotionally good for those that have wealth. Knowing your Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator will help here. If your 3rd indicator is “T” Thinking, you may over analyze this for a time, maybe even interview others to confirm its validity. Just trust yourself to follow the plan and you will get through this, it may feel like for a time that you are trying not to think, but just focus on substitution. “F” Feeling types should find this easier since you seek harmony, this practice will feel more natural, because you will be generating more personal harmony. Do not worry, you are not hurting anyone by focusing on yourself for a minute, practice makes progress is the theme of this one.

Step 2 to changing your financial future is to stop thinking, feeling and saying things that a poor person would say. Use the law of substitution to start. Instead of saying I cannot make my car payment this month, replace it with a statement like, by day and by night the universe prospers me in all my interest, and I feel a greater amount of wealth is coming toward me. Note, do your best to visualize and feel the bill paid. See the balance due as zero. This will take some practice, but do not loose heart because you might be amazed how fast this can work. This step may move faster or slower, based on your personality type. If you take a Meyers-Briggs Personality test and find that the last indicator is “P” Perception/Perceiver you may be faster at this step than a “J” Judger. With new information, Perceivers can change quickly where Judgers need time to be convinced their old ways were not good enough. Once you know this about yourself, if will help you understand why you got through it so easily or why it may take some additional time. Hang in there it is worth it.

There is much more to this as you might expect but start here and be sure to read or listen to Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and the next steps will come more naturally. Just know that changing your thoughts from negative to positive, from lack to abundance has to be part of the first steps you take. Your subconscious mind, the portion of your mind that runs below consciousness, operating your heart, and all other bodily functions is extremely powerful, but the programs are set if you are older than 7, so convincing it to change its life programs will be hard. Start with a single word approach at night right before you go to sleep. If it is wealth and abundance you seek, just recite wealth over and over until you fall asleep, the subconscious mind will work on helping you find this while you sleep. This topic is too complex to completely define here, but please do try some of these things and you will undoubtedly grow in the area of need.

Thank you for this moment

Bad things happened to me in the past, and that’s okay. I have a choice today. I can choose to let go of the past or choose to allow my past to control me. My childhood was tough and it helped pave a road to failure after failure, but I can change. I can choose to think differently about money, about success. Money is not the root of all evil the love of money or the hate of money, waters this root. I know you will award me riches and success as soon as I feel the necessary worthiness, as soon as I accept these things into my life, for all things are possible and all things have a season. My life has a purpose my earthly parents were not aware of, therefore it is my responsibility to use the power God gave me to overcome yesterday and pave a new path today. A path of love, peace, joy, worthiness and purpose. Today is my day, my heavenly father has decided that. I pray no more as a beggar, because God doing it for me does not teach me anything. God has given me the power to move this mountain.

I am not ashamed that it took me this long to discover this power. I praise the name of my Lord and savior, Jesus, for letting me learn this lesson in my own time. Change occurs when it is of the mind of those that needed to change. I toil no longer in fear and stress. God made this day for me, and the past has no power here. My past choices have no power here, because I have have the power of my own thoughts, and dwell only on good today. I will no longer predict my future, using the unworthy self from the past. Tomorrow brings unknown and I will not attempt to control it, for my father is the only one with that power. He has told me to use the power he has awarded and that all power is present power. I have the power, right now and I choose to use it right now, to not think about yesterday, two seconds ago, or two minutes from now. I have no power in the past, but I do have power right now. I use this power to think on love, joy, peace, gratitude, and hope. I now know Satan has no power in the present, he only exhibits power when he tricks me into dwelling on the past or stressing about a future possibility. I say NO, I have the power in this moment and I will have the power in that future moment when it comes, so I spend no time there. God will not measure my life by the amount of time I worried about myself or others, only what I did for myself and others.

Airlines tell passengers to first put their oxygen mask on first so that they can help others. Today I choose to put my mask on first, to experience love, joy, peace, worthiness and hope, so that I can share that with the world when that moment comes to do so. I will not ask my father for anything tangible in this life from this day forward, for that power has been granted me already. I ask him through his son Jesus for wisdom in the present moment to feel the world emotionally how I want to see the world externally. I owe no one or thing my thoughts, only the things current can be controlled. All biblical teaching is current state. Be thankful for gifts you are about to receive is an in this moment directive. Sin is to live where God has directed us not to. God has directed us to stay out of the past and out of the future, throughout his word. Be present today is my goal.

If there is power in the present, then there is hope for my future, this is another gift from God. I rejoice in your presence father. Your presence reminds me that you are current as well, you do not dwell in the past either, you toss all things from the past into the sea of forgetfulness. I judge no other being today, and I look for you in all things, right now, the time in which you have empowered me. Satan cannot beat me here, you have won the power of the present moment through creation and secured my future through the sacrifice of your son Jesus. I cannot fail, as long as I stay in this moment that you gave me dominion. You have pulled me from the past and I will not return there, I choose today to stay here with you, basking in the power of this moment, a moment you gave me. You gave me this moment, billions of people on this planet and you made this moment for me, that is love that I seek to express, to feel, to understand. Thank you father.