Stop taking the bus

What if life is now? What if the biblical kingdom is now? What if we are living the heaven or hell the bible discussed. What if God has given you this opportunity to experience life as a physical being, and the afterlife is wonderful, but made more wonderful through our experiences in this universe?

Quantum Theory and science that studies this phenomenon say that there are no fundamental particles in anything, meaning, everything. Yes, I said everything is made up of electromagnet waves, known as quantum waves. Whether we acknowledge it or not we are made from the same stuff, we are all connected, and the earth is part of us as much as we are of it. We do not need to necessarily need to understand this, since it is a principle, much like gravity. You do not need to understand everything about gravity, just the basics.

The basics of life is we are all connected, and what we do matters. Sinners and saints are made up by humans. Name a single holy man that followed Christ. Christ witnessed to prostitutes, beggars and thieves. Christ came to show us love conquers all. Christ showed us the most basic law love and it is the key to all things. The opposite of love is fear in most cases. If you cannot live something, you typically fear it. Hate is a perversion of love not an opposite, for those hung up on that point. All feeling is the subset of love or fear. Love everything, love everyone, and do it unconditionally, as the Christ did.

There are those in our history that have perverted love. Saying things like the love of money and the camel, needle thing. These passages are a misconception of God. God made everything and love of anything can attract that thing unto you. Feel the love until you exude what you desire, this includes money. People have tried to place other humans between us and the creator, but this is the biggest lie we will ever know. You are made of the creator and nobody or thing can change that, nor can they be your divine interpreter.

God has created the most power thing in the universe and placed it in a physical body, and it takes the bus to work. You have Gods DNA in you, what are you doing? Even though scientists have finally discovered that one’s genes have little more to do with anything than predisposition, that we are defined by our environment and we control our environment, we take the bus to work. The Heart-Math Institute has discovered that if you are angry, in love, fearful or other and place our hands on a tree, we effect that tree. We can transfer our essence to all things, we have incredible power and we still take the bus to work.

The creator of this universe made you on purpose for a purpose and we still take the bus to work. All things have no definable mass, quantum waves make up all things and they are held together by an invisible force. This force holds your physical body together. The essence of the creator, also known as consciousness, resides in you and around you and you take the bus to work. There are two parts to you, the created and the uncreated. Your mom and dad got the created part here, God is consciousness and has always been. I hope you are tracking the implied here.

Be great, if only for today. Be the most powerful thing on the planet, if only for today. Feel the power that has been established in you, the essence of your being. Be incredibly grateful for all things, love all things, if only for today. A grateful being is powerful being, a loving being is unstoppable. Why not flirt with unstoppable today? You will be glad you did, promise.

Power of the moment

When you fall, the creator does not cry with you. The creator simply helps you dust off yourself and stand tall. There is a story from biblical times where a person with leprosy asks the Christ named Jesus to be healed. He reported asked her, how long she had been afflicted. She replied her whole life. Jesus responded, and what have you learned of yourself in this affliction? The woman said I have not learned anything from this curse, all things flee my presence. Jesus said, when you learn what is to be learned from this thing, you will be healed.

Sometimes we are in the mud of life and we do not understand why we cannot leave our afflictions, why we cannot be healed, saved, pulled to safety. First, Christ lives in everything and everyone, so your strife is known. The creator of this universe is merely waiting on you to learn, what is supposed to be learned from tribulation. It takes the hottest fire to form the hardest steel. If you trouble is great, be thankful for you are being molded into something wonderful, and look for the lesson, not the exit.

A clinical biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton who discovered that the genetic makeup of the human body does not determine anything in one’s future. He found that our environment determines everything, he has found that the internal environment (mind, body, spirit) can operate independently of the current environment and can operate as if no troubled environment exist. Furthermore, most of us have a wonderful environment and we chose to afflict ourselves with feeling an environment of the past or future. We destroy us now with yesterday or tomorrow. We know that time is not linear, that every moment has a a magnitude of outcomes and that we can visit the past or future in our minds, but living anywhere but the current moment in fact will kill us. The emotional baggage that we tend to hold from the past or fear of a future potential cripples us now. Elkhart Tolley says, there is no power issued by the creator outside the now. Forget the past, chose the perfect, power now and the future is ours.

Find what you seek

Find what you seek, by how you seek. We have become more connected electronically than ever before in history, but at the same time we have become the most disconnected from the creator. In 1997 science took electronic readings of the earth, and the earth has an electromagnet heartbeat. They knew this and measured it several times before. I only reference 1997, because it changed in frequency. The heart math institute conducted a study on how the human being’s electromagnet energy impacts the earth and the results were amazing.

In science, they theorize that consciousness is broadcast to everything from outside the thing through subatomic energy waves, some call a quantum wave. Cold fusion is the concept that atoms can be divided at room temperature, in a nuclear reactor. Research on cold fusion clearly shows that if the scientists attempting cold fusion believe it will work, it works. If the scientists doubt it will work, it does not work. The point? What you truly believe will be.

God has created a universe of laws, and one of these laws is, so you believe, it is. Biblical scholars talk a lot about two becoming one or three becoming one. Research has found that when the mind, heart and body (thought, feeling and emotion) are in alignment the desired is made manifest. Just like the sticky note, this is not what they were looking to find in a general sense, but it was found, because someone was looking for this.

Back to earth. Today, turn your phone off, find a quiet place in nature and put your hand on a tree. If it is warm enough, remove your shoes and feel the earth. There is a connection that is made between your body and this planet. Close your eyes and feel it, look for it. In this place, if you hold a thought, a belief and feel it complete, manifested by the creator and allow the emotion of its reality to consume your spirit there is nothing in this universe that can stop it from coming to pass, except you. Fear is the only emotion that can derail you. If you hold a thought and focus on it not being part of your current reality, from or through a lens of lack, your emotional response will drive what you seek away. The phrase, love conquers all, is fundamentally and true. There are only two fundamental feelings, love and fear. If you do not apply love, you are applying fear. Fear is rooted in lack; love is rooted in faith.

Whatever you need today, first hold the thought, feel it in love, and let the emotion of its reality in your life consume you, and it is so. God is all around you, everywhere in everything, so this can be done, wherever you are, God knows. God does not need to find you, God lives in you, waiting for you to make a move, to use the power that was given. Remember, this power is the power of now. You cannot exercise the power of God yesterday or tomorrow outside of forgetting them, which is super powerful.

Science has found there is no empty space. That an energy occupies all space. I know this to be God, science knows this to be the source of all things. Again, science’s do not find God, because scientists are not looking to prove the existence of God, they are looking, with few exceptions on disproving Gods existence and have not. You can make data say whatever you want, this is statistics 101. But when you interview a physicist, they will more than like say, the data does not support a theory of creation or God, but what they are really saying, is I have searched my whole life to prove God does not exist and I have failed. They become incapable of applying Occum’s Razor to any creational concept. Instead they resort to the big bang, that has more holes in the theory than swiss cheese.

Everyone practices faith. You believe in God or you do not. You believe God is the alpha and the omega, or you do not. You believe God is love, or you do not. You believe in wealth and abundance or you do not. You believe in health and love or you do not. You believe that God created all things and resides in all things, or you do not. I believe. God knows you; won’t you look for God today? Won’t you give God 10% of the only thing you have to give, time. God wants merely 2.5 hours of your day today, to talk with you, for you to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, won’t you do that for God today?

It is done

Forget yesterday and forget tomorrow. Do not obsess or even remotely consider what has happened or what will, for you have no power there. This is not to say, you don’t need to rehearse a speech or study for a test, I am merely stating that worry and doubt lie in the past and future. They cannot exist in the present moment without your help. You say you want this or that and life has frustrated you by not allowing you to get them. If its money, or a car or a vacation, what is the feeling you hope to have when you have these things? Have that feeling now. If you are saying, if I just force myself to have the feeling without it, will I not want it anymore…? Exactly. You will have it, in the form of belief, and the law of attraction says you will have it physically soon. However, frustration or focus on not having it is lack, and that will bring you the opposite.

Be whom you want to be right now. If you have a job you hate for whatever reason, focus a little time each day on what is good about it and those good things will be maximized in your mind. Be grateful for the good and better will come. You must stop wanting things from a position of lack, looking at life through a lens of lack. I am in the middle of such a case study, called my life. When you grow up with little, you might have a harder time feeling what you want through a lens other than lack, since you might struggle with what the feeling opposite lack actually is or get easily sidetracked by the pity me bug, that voice that keeps telling you, “you are not enough”. This voice is stupid and anytime you hear it, laugh at it and say stop in a demanding tone. I know it sounds like your voice, but it is not. Your true voice is saying, in a much lower tone, it is done. If you have only experienced lack in life, you can do this, you can rise above, you can be what you need to be, you can move this mountain. Repeat after me, it is done, and feel it. Do this whenever you feel weak. It is done unto me as I feel, so feel good.

The Path Less Traveled

We all have a curious mind. We all are unique. I choose to look for God in all things. This is a recent undertaking, but I am the kind of being that commits to something and sees it through. Not that I finish it on the first pass, because that is about as far from my normal as it can be, but that I will finish. Life has knocked me down quite a bit over the last 12 months, but I keep getting up, sometimes, I feel like spider-man in that respect. Even though I am further down the hill, because I have fallen, I am still getting up. I want to share my adventure because I know that strength for others can be found in the written word.

This blog will cover a ton of topics because there is much on my mind. I will talk about business, life, God and emotional things. We are emotional beings after all. If you don’t think so, try and think your way out of some trouble… it does not work that way. You have to feel your way out. Be happy and happiness will find you. It’s called gratefulness. Feel sad and you will find depression. There is a cosmic energy around us that reacts to our emotions and it does not care of you believe if it is there, it just is. Just as gravity does not care if you believe it’s still there on this planet.

It’s funny when someone asks me if I believe in God. I do not get asked this very often, but just stay with me. Belief does not create existence. People that do not believe in things they cannot see, still breathe air, people that do not believe in God have their reasons. I only am inquiring as to what those reasons are founded on. Is it something someone or some group told you and if so why do you trust your life, well-being and happiness, in their hands? Challenge everything will be the theme of this blog… challenge everything.

You are perfect

There is a passage in the bible that says God knew you before the world was created. Science has found that time may be vertical rather than linear. Coupled with quantum theory, each moment has an infinite number of possibilities. Meaning, what you chose to be the reality is. God knows all possible realities because God is all possible realities. God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, meaning, wherever you go, whatever you chose, God is there. All things have consciousness and God is consciousness.

This understanding rules out destination theory or faith’s that believe the path is set. God knows all paths, but it is up to you to choose a path. Part of being part of the fallen, is needing to choose good every day. The choice is yours. It really scorches some that God gave his power to all human beings, some whether you are Mormon, catholic, Christian, Buddhist, or Islamic, you have the power of the creator in you. God does not love one more than another, God’s love is boundless and infinite, but not subjective.

I say all of this to say, no matter where you are or what you have done, God would leave the 99 to come find you, to be with you, to love you, because he is already in you. No one is as important as you to God. You are his temple, you are perfect. Everything in this universe has the same building blocks, but it takes consciousness to hold these blocks together to make you. You are in fact a miracle and your existence cannot be explained by any human being in this universe.

You are so incredibly perfect; the wonder cannot be measured. But remember this, every other thing in this universe is perfect too. If you close your eyes right now and think and feel love and admiration for this perfect creation, the consciousness of the creator, known by religions as the Holy Spirit will envelope your entire body in spirit like a shield. God made this moment just for you, do not waste it, be grateful for it. Do not yearn for life after death, seek the creator now, right now, the kingdom is now. Once you can come to grips with this, life will be full and abundant, once you realize you have everything, you will need nothing, and greater things will be given to you. The parable of the talents defined this for us. God told us through Jesus that Christ lives in everyone, yet we think we are substandard.

No matter your current state, you can be greater than your reality. The great physician lives in you, literally. We recreate our bodies cell by cell every 11 months. When we live by the hormones of stress, we fail to replenish certain cells and this cause disease, and sickness. The power of God lives in you. Chose this very minute to forget the last moment, to feel love, hope, and peace right now. You are unique in all the universe, because you can be drowning and feel peace and love. We can feel different than our reality. This is “the gift” in this life that is the gift.

Take care of your physical body. Certain religions claim that you are going to be dancing somewhere when your physical being dies but know that the tomb was empty. This means The Christ took his body with him. Stop listening to the blind and start feeling God. I believe the consciousness, the spirit that is you was not created and cannot die, but when the three become one is the mind, heart and body, so do not ignore your body, but know that the other two can foster health in the physical body. The consciousness that grew your body in the womb can heal your body today, you just must know how to ask, and the first step is to be greater than your current reality.

Know that your current reality is your perception or interpretation of now. Three people can see the same thing and report something entirely different. Why? Because we decide what our reality is. When you read a history book, remember this was the perception of the author, not a factual representation of the past. You do not need 23 and me to know who you are. What your parents were has nothing to do with you in this moment. Only you live in you. Today, be greater than your perceived reality and know that God is in you, your every cell is held together by God’s hands. Look for God in all things, including you.

Fear Not

What is history, what is reality and what is perception. I was raised in a Christian church and we read the King James Bible, as I still do. My struggle is history versus the past. The translators of the bible knew that the word for fear is much like the English word run. You can run a business and you can run a race… it is all about context. They undoubtedly knew that to stand in awe and or reverence was a meaning of the word, but they choose “fear” the lord and “fear” not for thou art with you are the same Hebrew word but they do not mean the same thing. Why did they translate that way? Why did they not translate it “be in awe of” the Lord?

Some say it was a covert act to set some men/women above others, much like the Pope. No one comes to the father except through me is not Jesus, the man, but Christ the son of God, why did they not make that clear. The most horrific part of this, is how do we know what God told them to write and what they wrote is one in the same. The most dangerous path through the desert is 5 degrees off course, not 50 or 75 or 100. “If the blind lead the blind” and “worship not as your father worshiped” has a somewhat clearer meaning now.

Number one lesson is to seek God in everything. Not one’s religion or beliefs. Many scientists have not found God because they are not looking for him, in fact they look to disprove him, yet they cannot. When asked many will say, I have found no evidence of a God… but what they are really saying is, I have been unable to disprove God. “Seek and you will find” and do not seek and you will not find, are the same stick, just different ends. The pioneer in quantum theory spoke of God often. He was looking for God I think in some ways and in some ways, he revealed God to us, by revealing the energy that connects all things.

Just for today seek God in all things, for God is all things. Feelings can blind you in this search, so take a moment and get quiet and just listen. Visualize what love is and what love feels like. Whatever love is to you will do, and it provides the means/lens to find and see God, because God is love. God is not fear. Fear is a human perversion made possible by our fall. If peace is what you seek, feel it today, feel the peace that only love can bring. Close your eyes and just feel love and peace, if that is what you seek. God is there and love is his language. Speak to him through the thoughts of love, just feel. Love conquers all. Just for today, judge no one, for acid destroys the vessel in which is stored, and this is not in the essence of love for all things God created. Love all things, for all things are God’s. Ditch the Caesar’s is Caesars misinterpretation. Practice Occum’s Razor today. If it conflicts, the simplest is true. Jesus hid meaning in parables to outsmart those that would try and filter the teachings of Christ. Look for the real meaning in the words of Christ. Look for God in all things and you will find him.

What if explored

What if may be the most powerful question in the known and unknown universe. What if I were amazingly rich, for instance? Note that what if always must have a secondary question. What would it feel like? You can read hundreds of books on this and watch thousands of hours of informational videos on manifestation, and these are the key elements. Where did this come from?

It came from two places, 1. The life of Christ and 2. Quantum Field Theory. Christ laid out the path for achieving anything through blind belief in it being so, by knowing you have the power in you to make it so if you only believe. And to believe you must feel it, and to feel it you must act/know what it feels like to be in the desired reality now. The human being is the only being that can project a reality without stimuli. Pavlov’s Dogs needed a bell, but humans can create an entire world of fear. I call it destination theory. When all you have ever known is lack, it is hard to feel abundance. But if you look deep enough, you have had moments of abundance and you must remember this and pull that feeling onto the now. One reason God gave us memory is so that we could perform this action in times of strife. To leave the bad there in the sea of forgetfulness, but to bring forward that which can glorify him. Point to remember, feeling and believing are cut from the same cloth. You must feel it as it is done to be done.

Now to number two, science’s part in this being quantum field theory. Science has discovered, well as of today, who knows what they find tomorrow, that the entire universe is made up of energy fields. These fields seem to be random, yet intelligent showing scientists only what they want to see. Some believe that there is no fundamental matter, but only fields that look and act like matter when we look at it/observe it. Therefore, our scientific and general history is so convoluted, we all see it differently, through a different lens, if you will. If you don’t want to see it, you will not see it, if you do, you will. Cold fusion research has proved this to the ends of our understanding and back. This quantum field theory goes further for many, as it is intelligent, but intentionally intelligent, meaning we may have found something cool. If this theory is close to true, we are all connected and everything is connected and if you want something bad enough and you can feel it, you can attract it to you, period.

Peace be with you

When the two becomes one. When you plant the seed of something, in the subconscious mind, does your conscience mind believe it all day? Or do you doubt it, this thing that has been asked for, that has been believed in, that has been decided? There can seem to be so many reasons to believe in what you see, the wrapping paper of life. Everyone outside of you sees the Bill’s, they see the lack and that can influence you to see it to. Say it out loud. STOP! Dear father of all has decided, he has awarded, he has set this aside as done, as complete, as fulfilled and I gave him my word that I believed him, and I will not allow this current perceived reality to change my mind. The God that knew me before this world was set on its axis, has decided and it can only be realized through my personal belief in God to do what was promised. The only way God can be stopped from delivering the promise, the deliverance of what we asked for is by our weakness in faith, us seeing what others, not aware of what was promised are seeing and are thinking. We cannot expect others to believe because we are believing. We cannot be influenced by their lack of belief or their conviction to see the world and the experience of things through the lens of lack, because we know what the designer of all things said would be done if we believed… anything and everything. The same God that created the tree, created you, and he said I can deliver you if you just believe in me.

God gives all things in the wrapping of life, also known as strife, but instead of just tearing through the strife to receive the gift we sit there and see the strife, we complain about the strife. Do we not realize how insane it seems to God for us to complain about the wrapping paper? We tell others about our wrapping paper, and they attempt to comfort us on what poor wrapping paper we have around our gift. We stay so focused on the paper that we do not take the time to open the gift. And God allows us to, stay here, looking and complaining about the paper, because the paper is the lesson, we must learn to receive the gift.

When the wrapping paper has you bewildered, you talk to God about it. God loves when we talk to him. We only seem to thank him and give him glory for the gift; we never seem to thank him for the lesson. Jesus thanked God for his strife… why was that…? Because he knew the strife was the paper and which the beauty of life was wrapped. We ask God to deliver us to a life of abundance and he says, yes, for those that believes in me, it is done. The only condition is to feel it done, to focus only on it being done. The average person cannot seem to garner enough belief to make it through one conversation with a friend or spouse without speaking of doubt and then we get down, because we ruined the grace that was headed for our life, instead of going back to that person and setting the record straight. “I am sorry, I misspoke, my heart is in alignment with the giving spirit of the father and this thing I spoke of is done and I am feeling the abundance of his grace, love, joy and peace and nothing on this planet can set that aside”. Peace is at the root of all needs. Feel peace and it is done. We think that we need money, why? Because we think it will bring us peace. God gave us the ability to feel peace before the money. That is God speaking in the loudest voice you will ever hear. “Peace is what you seek, feel it now and all things are given, because you have what you seek”. Let the peace of God, his grace wash over your body with the momentum of water falling from heaven. Feel the peace, grace and love rush over you, and unlike water of this earth you can breathe. In fact, breath it in. Peace is what you seek, have it now.

Whenever we feel down, it merely means we conflict with something we need. We asked for it and now we doubt its possibility of existence. We find a way to believe that the creator of all things cannot buy a car or a house or a business. We may know this in prayer, but we seem to let ourselves forget it when we observe the wrapping paper of life for just a moment, and we begin to think the paper is the gift, it’s not. He made the very things money is made of and therefore can give you anything associated, but remember, what you really seek is peace. We have more faith in our senses than God. We see the low fuel light on our car and think of lack instead of being so enormously grateful that God has awarded us breath, allowed our heart to beat, has delivered us from whatever strife that was in front of us. The human mind cannot be grateful and feel lack at the same time. Doubt can take every earthly possession, do not let it take what is not of this earth, peace, love and joy.

Just for today, believe to the core of your soul it is done, feel the peace, whatever it is, it is done, carry that feeling. Just for today do not doubt his grace. Just for today let no man or woman inject doubt in your life, your path, your day. This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice in it. God made all things, including the rain, be gracious and thankful for the rain, for just as the rain falls, God’s blessings fall on all of us. Just for today, have faith in deliverance, and no faith in the current reality. Just for today, bring nothing from the past. Just for today, live in the power of this very moment. This is the day the Lord has made, this is the moment you must live, this is the moment you can believe, this is the moment you can be delivered, the is the moment to feel God’s grace filling you up. Be there. Peace be with you.

Why Gender God

We know that history is someone’s interpretation of the past and yet we teach it to our children as truth. Distance from this history, notice, I did not say past, does not improve this. Knowing that past is not history in the truest sense, we still somehow do not know truth. Knowing the lie does not mean we know truth.

I think of the story of Adam, Eve and Jesus. Why do the people who wrote about these beings, hold Jesus in higher regard than Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve were created in Gods image and walked in the light of God. Walked with God. God breathed the life of God into their bodies. When they fell from grace, what was this really? I believe that men wrote themselves into power over woman and this was not the essence of Gods directive. I believe that Jesus is the greater being, but these are questions we need to ask. I believe Jesus was the greater being, because he exemplified grace through trial, where Adam and Eve simply caved to temptation.

In the spirit of healthy discussion and debate, think about these stories and ask yourself why we portray God as man. The birthplace of spirit and the essence of God is in a Woman. Does this not mean that woman is closer to the essence of God? Was Adam even created first or did the author assume this because of the man dominated nature of the time? Did things that Jesus said during his life point to the bias that existed in our history? If Jesus was a woman in this time of his life, would they have believed he was the Christ?

If your body is not eternal why did Jesus ascend in the body? Why was the tomb empty, missing a body? Why do some religions teach a temporary nature of this life and the eternal of a heavenly life? Why do they not feel the kingdom is now, that heaven is here? Is this blasphemy of God or your knowledge of the bible, of a religion, or man’s version of history?

My faith is in God, not in an interpretation of history through the lens of a male dominated past. I believe that God directed the writing of the bible and knew that we would be able to see beyond the stench of the culture and time that was going to be influencing it. We are free. God allows us to choose any path. And even though Jesus said very straight forward things, that the writers had a tough time writing through the lens of male domination of society, they managed to do so. Do not worship as your father worshiped, means understand the time of the bible and Jesus, because the environment helps to clarify the message.

Science confirms that male is required for the physical being, but female is required for the uncreated consciousness of the being. When the two become one is the created (body) and uncreated (spirit/soul) become one. This has been the most perverted and misrepresented statement/teaching of Jesus to date. Think of what it must have been like before the fall of Eve and Adam. They did not see themselves as physical beings, they saw themselves as celestial beings, clothed in the essence of God. Only after their fall from the light of God did they need to clothe themselves with physical things.

Science has discovered yet is not very close to the nature and being/source of consciousness. Every day the understanding of our environment changes, the nature of the atomic particles that make up all things seem to evolve our basic understanding by the moment. The essence of intelligence that holds all cells together to form a rock or a human, remain a mystery for the sciences. It is enough to know that we are all connected, and a divine intelligence lives in us, and is the source that is all that is.