Greg Braden in his YouTube series missing links, says that evolution is a true story, its just not a human story, it is not our story. The kingdom is guided by an infinite intelligence and that intelligence knows how to evolve, not entirely sure why this would be a great discovery unto itself. Darwin could not have known the things we know today that the animal kingdom is unique as the human creation is unique. Many inventors will understand when I say that version one is the most important version in existence. Ford Motors knows this to be true from the history of the Edsel automobile. What am I trying to say? I am saying that you must start at step one. You cannot discover the meaning of life until you discover who you are. You cannot determine who you are until you know where you are from. I am not talking about human ancestry; I am talking about part created and part uncreated.  Pure energy is where we came and energy we will return. Braden says that human belief is the strongest known force in the universe. If the human mind believes something to be true, it is. We paint our own reality. Some scientific theory suggests, the tree only appears when we look for it. When we are raised to believe something about life, we struggle to consciously overcome that belief if it needs to be overcome, we are confined by it in a sense. One reason I ask you to challenge everything, is because we only know what we have seen another imperfect being do or say. To exude truth and light for others, we must start living truth, not someone else’s truth, but truth.

Belief is one reason that parenthood is the most important role in all human existence. When parents define what is possible, they unknowingly define impossible and this is very dangerous. A child that observes parents that seem to always be at odds with this life, will find themselves fighting for their spiritual lives as adults. By at odds I can only use a personal example where we go to church and speak of unconditional love and then judge everyone and thing on the ride home. If you want to convict your children to a life void of unconditional love, judge others in front of them. To compare or to judge others is the most toxic teaching for our children that we could ever possibly invent. Statements such as “she should not wear that”, or “he should not act that way” are judgmental statements that are toxic to their core. If you have these thoughts as a parent or guardian/mentor, simply acknowledge them as not the path to love and understand and do not vocalize them. To vocalize them in from of your children creates a model for the subconscious mind. I believe Emmerson once said, “I cannot hear your words, because your actions are too loud”. As a parent or mentor of the youth, you have a great responsibility to protect not only your mind from a judgmental attitude, but to protect children s well. Zig Ziglar used to say that “the greatest love story will never be told; it can only be lived”. If it is told the meaning and depth will be minimized to an extent that the true essence is lost. If you want to read the greatest love story, read it from your mind, from the love you share and feel. Today, protect your mind from judgement, protect your children’s mind from judgement. Today, be an example of unconditional love and build a belief system that is based in truth, love and understanding.

Life Happens

Life does not happen to you it happens in you and around you. You have the choice as what to see and what to feel. You are life. Stop trying to control your life and start living your life. Controlling anything outside of your own thoughts is an illusion and cannot last. When we base our happiness on something or someone outside of us, we cannot expect control. We will find as we become more aware of what we are, that control really does not matter. We are here to experience this gift of life, not to control, but to be, to live, to love, to be loved. We have a learned propensity to judge, to control from our parents or guardians in our youth. In this statement there is no judgment only, a foundation for what is. We must recognize what is before we can see what can be. You were sent here by the creator to explore and experience life. There is no right or wrong way to do that, because it is your journey, not mine or theirs. To be the best you, let go. Let go of fear, of hate, of control. Feel the light on you face, feel the love of the creator in your body. This life was made for you to experience all that you desire, yet it is a place of laws. I am not talking go to jail laws, but rather what you project, you attract. Fear attracts more things to fear, and love attracts more things to love. It really is that simple. Neither am I speaking of Newtonian Physics (cause and effect) because we know this to be an illusion as well. Some interpret many of the teachings of Jesus as cause and effect teachings. Reap what you sow is not cause and effect, it is the law of attraction. Your heart, mind and body are the garden. What you plant (focus on) is soon to be the harvest, your reality. But know your reality is based on things you think you know. Be careful of what you think you know. All fear is based on what we think we know, and fear is a liar.

Once we know what we are, why we are and where we will be, fear has no power in any tense. I have said that fear has no power in the present and that remains true, but knowing we are the physical manifestations of the creator and we will return to the energy/essence from which we came, fear loses any perceived authority over us. Jesus said to know the beginning is to know the end. We know the beginning. We know that we are the combination of the created and uncreated, and we know this union is called life. We know not when, but we know why. Jesus said fear not. He did not say, well if the rent is due, go ahead and fear a little bit. He is saying, just live and the rest is already done. Fear is a waste of your time here in this life experience. Know that be who you are supposed to be is what you decide. No other being can decide what you are supposed to be, and if they suggest as such, move away without judgment. Once you connect with who you are you can trust your feelings to lead you. Much like Sky-net, in the movie The Terminator, it is time to become self-aware. To know yourself like no one else. This may seem like an ignorant suggestion, but first judgement is never good and second if we do not spend time visiting with the spiritual essence of us, we may just be a body walking around with no awareness as to how incredibly special we are. When we return to what we are, with the creator, we take with us the memory of our experiences. Do you really want you experience memory to be filled with everything you dreaded and feared everyday you were alive in physical form? No, you don’t. I will answer the easy ones for you. There is no right or wrong, only life, your experience. Feel how you want to remember this life, day after day and in the end, you will have no regrets. Do not wait to be what you want to be. Be that now, you will thank you for it…

Start Today

You do not have to be great to be great, you merely need to start. Lotteries have weakened the drive for many. When I say lottery, I am simply saying the get rich quick society that has arisen in recent years. The reason most state lottery winners eventually file bankruptcy is because of the old phrase, nothing earned, nothing preserved. If we do not earn things, we will not keep things, because we do not respect things. We seek peace and freedom and we feel as though money will bring these feelings, and in some cases, they do allow us to feel these feelings. The problem arises from us basing our feeling on these things. When we try to make a feeling occur based on an external reality, something outside of ourselves, we create an environment where, when these things become common place and they will, we still have not discovered the key to happiness. The older generation and many modern-day countries have lived life without clean running water or electricity, and they would do anything for these basics. Today we give these things not a second’s worth of gratitude in many respects in the daily life of an American. The reason God wraps gifts in problems is so that we have a way to earn the gift, so that we respect and are grateful for the gift. If God did not do this, we would cast the gift aside or give it away.

Cherish your trials, for they are teaching you how to appreciate the gifts that are coming. Feel gratitude for the lesson and the gift will appear. Look no longer at your feet. Lift your eyes to the horizon to see the light of a new day. Do not seek things, seek the feelings that are generated. Feel those feelings now and the things that are associated with those feelings will find their way to you. If you want to be depressed tomorrow, go ahead and feel depressed today. That is the best way to stay where you are, to keep feeling the way you do. But if you want to be different tomorrow, you must feel different today. Feel the ever-present feeling of hope, joy and love, right now and the events necessary to see these will begin to appear. Eckhart Tolle says fear is something from the future or past that we are choosing to bring into our current moment. In this very moment, most have nothing to fear. Few exceptions exist to this. For example, you may be reading this in a field, staring at a lion, which would make the current moment a fearful one and in that scenario, this is a good use of fear, because you will need that extra adrenaline to outrun that lion.

The secret to life is to cherish your moments, for moments become lifetimes. Waste little time on fear. To be the greatest you, simply take a step toward the feelings of joy, peace, love and gratitude. When you begin to internally recite these feelings to yourself often enough to make them a rudimentary part of you being, your life will be changed. You will begin to attract all the things these feelings are associated with in you, into your life, your reality. This is the law of attraction. What are you feeling right now? What will the law of attraction bring into your life based on how you feel right now? If you are not feeling joy, love, peace and gratitude right now, start. Joy, love, peace and gratitude are the most powerful feelings in the universe. Begin today to take a moment and feel these feelings and see how your day changes. Use the law of substitution in a way that you substitute a bad emotion for a good one. If you are not sure which emotion to use to substitute, the answer is love. God created all things and we are to love all things. You have the choice to experience heaven or hell, because the kingdom is now. Choose heaven, for you will remember your time here when your spirit leaves the physical body. Therefore, it is so incredibly important to treat everyone and everything with respect and a loving spirit. Be who you want to be tomorrow, today. Start on your journey to personal greatness today.

Lay down your cross

During everyone’s journey through this life, we tend to pick up a cross to bear, much like Jesus did. My crosses are a critical attitude/judgment and self-doubt. If we want to live the most joyous and full life that we can imagine, we must learn how to lay down our cross. We must learn how to know what our crosses are and to not avoid them, just choose not to pick them up. For me Jesus made it very clear that judgment is not my cross to bear, this is the role of the creator. Make no mistake, time will test you daily. There will be dozens if not hundreds of opportunities to pick up your crosses throughout the day. The key is to be aware of what your crosses are and recognize the triggers of these crosses in our lives. My cross of judgment is not mine and to keep picking it up is detrimental to my journey, it limits me in my growth. To judge others is to judge yourself, to expose the impurities of your thoughts.

I believe my critical behavior stems from self-doubt. When one feels they are not worthy of something, they start to look for reasons why these desired things are not in their life and they start to judge others to move the focus off themselves. This is painful to be a part of, when it becomes so deeply rooted in one’s nature that you cannot see it until it is done. A fitness trainer will be quick to tell you there will be a wall that you hit, a point that you must overcome to be successful in your fitness journey. This is true for all of life’s successes. Even those that are experiencing a near utopia life will hit more walls in their journey, there will be more crosses laid in front of them. The experience of life is this. We do not have to pick up these crosses, we have been granted free will by our creator. Whatever your cross is, lay it down, it is not yours. Secondly, the identification of your crosses can seem overwhelming at first, but this is a necessary step in your progression. Once you identify the problem you stop treating the symptoms and you begin treating the disease, as they might say in the medical profession.

It is easy to justify our choice to pick up a cross that is not ours to bear. For me I justify self-doubt by focusing on missteps and failures as a point of justification. The amount of thoughts that pass through one’s brain in a 24-hour period are great and to choose to use any of our brain’s computing power to doubt ourselves is silly. The creative power of this universe, of you, resides in you. Waste no time thinking of things you do not or did not want, for if you do, you will just attract more of those things into your life. I justify critical thoughts of others though the feeling, that the other does not understand or they are not thinking it through. Don’t they realize what they are doing? Do they not know none of this is as important as whatever I think is important? This is a trap for me, because I love to educate, to share what I believe I have found to be true. Only recently have I discovered that these things are truth for me, and everyone is on different paths and at different points of their path. Though I know there are truths in this life, they only have meaning if we choose to apply a meaning. There is no right and wrong, no justice in this life, because we are all a little different, we all see life’s journey a little different. Who are we to judge the actions of others? I am not promoting lawlessness, only a perspective. Please do not see this as an attack on social contracts or constitutions, it is merely a perspective to consider. To invoke this kind of social change would me, to judge others and that is against my commitment.

Do not be afraid to lay down your cross today. Do not be afraid that sudden changes in your behavior will repeal your current circle of friends. When you are in your final hours of this life experience, the opinion of others will lose all power over you. I am not advocating selfish behavior; I am suggesting you apply the instructions of Jesus and live the life of Christ. Love everything, for everything is of God. Waste no time on judgement, hate and fear. Live the life of love, peace and joy and if this drives friends away, they were not friends to you. When you begin to love unconditionally, this life, you will attract unto you those of a similar belief, this is the law of attraction. Make the choice to change, to not pick up that cross or crosses today. Remember the popular “just for today” affirmation. Just as they say in a path to recovery, you do not have to commit to change your behavior for the rest of your life, you cannot possibly do that, since you know not the future. Commit to being changed right now and in the next moment, do it again, and again until the day is over and then start again tomorrow, moment by moment. Seek now the kingdom, for it is at hand., do not wait for tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live life today, chose to be the best you, you can be today, lay down your cross today.

The Artist

It is easy to say it is too hard. It is easy to say I am not enough. It is easy to say this day was wasted. It is easy to say I cannot afford this or that. If you do not want to feel like you have not succeeded, stop thinking like it. If you want to stop feeling like a victim of this or that, stop acting like it. Fear is a liar, as the song says. Fear of the unknown can be crippling for many, and in times of trial our character is not formed it is revealed. If trying times reveals some character opportunities for you, do not get discouraged, get determined to address them. A current challenge the world is facing is Covid-19 and it is a test for many. The tests will vary by person but reflect on the moment and see if your actions are thinking of you only or others. If your actions are centered in love or in self. If you bought more than you need in a panic state, return some to the store for others, share the burden, do not be the burden. The DNA of the creator resides in you. You are enough. You are the right stuff. You are worthy. No moment is waisted, only lived or survived. Stop surviving. Gog lives in you. God loves you and God created you. God signed his work.

Gregg Braden wrote a book called the God code. In this book, he says that there is an ancient text that seems to be authored like the writer(s) observed creation. The symbols used for this text have been interpreted and it has divine meaning, according to Braden. The text says that the DNA of all life can be read like a book, through a series of formulas. And the first layer of these writings or formulas says: “God eternal in the body” Much like an artist would sign a painting, our DNA has a celestial signature, says Braden. There are reportedly several layers to this science, and Braden states he has no idea how to explain it, but it is there and no one that has seen it can deny what they see.

Science has held for some time that human chromosome 2 is a fusion of two telomeres. These are ends of DNA strands and must be the end unless there are fused from two sets of DNAs. Science has believed that this proved that we evolved from primates since this sequence has commonalities with a primate. However, if you have two complete chromosomes fused together and you cannot find a deviation, you have found the beginning. In other words, you cannot find a fossil without this fusion, and you have some old fossils, you can become confident, this strand is present in the beginning. The science is much deeper than that, yet this is as I understand it. Scientists have tested the God Code theory using a bacterium. Scientists have discovered that messages can be encoded on DNA, as they have done with bacteria.  Science has had to admit that this fusion is intentional and present at the beginning. This means that someone or something was present at the beginning and made our DNA. Because this biology does not fit with the conventional science of ole, there are certain scientific disciplines trying to bury this discovery because they do not fully understand, or they do not want other models of historical record to be discarded, because these models are now invalid. And the biology community in general is trying to distance themselves from this finding, because it cannot be explained using unintentional/unintelligent design models. An artist does not sign mistakes. An artist does not sign trash. God signed his work, you. You are perfect. Start acting like it. Pride is not an abomination; the absence of pride is.


In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction. Job 33, 15-16 NKJV

Stop surviving and start living. We are creators. We are creators of our reality, no matter what the current reality, you created it. Stop the feelings of victimization and know that you are in control of everything. No one can control your thoughts; every thought is your choice. Einstein said that the human imagination is far greater than reality. Imagination is merely seeing the end as a reality. Feel the end, is the key to the law of attraction. Jesus said to know the beginning is to know the end. What he was trying to tell us is if we can feel and see the end, if we can experience the outcome now, it would be so. Know the outcome before the start and you will know the end. Stop desiring things that will bring you a feeling and start having the feeling to bring you the thing. If you need shoes, imagine how the shoes feel and smell, when they are new of course, please do not imagine old smelly shoes. But feel the new shoes in your hand, imagine placing them on your feet. My point is simple. If you need money to buy shoes, do not imagine the money, imagine the shoes and let the laws of the universe figure out how to get you the shoes. Make the visualization so real that they are no mistake and you end up with boots. Be clear in what you need and let it go, believe it as done and it is. The very minute you let things go, the minute you know what you have manifested, you no longer need it, you have it and that is the biblical faith that moves mountains working in your life.

Stop blocking your dreams with reality. Abraham Hicks describes reality focused minds as people focusing only on what they can see on the radar screen of life. If they cannot see the money to pay that credit card off on the radar screen, they feel hopeless and lost, destitute. Not realizing that the radar screen they are looking at is 4 inches in diameter and the solution, the idea that will bring them what they desire is on every radar screen that is ten foot wide. It is out there, but we do not allow it to come in, because of what Zig Ziglar called stinking thinking. We stop the manifestation by not believing in it, by doubting it because we cannot see it on our incredibly small radar screen of reality. Think bigger, be bigger, look less, believe more. What ever it is, it is there, just outside your view. Let it come to you, do not waste effort trying to relocate yourself to it, it will come. Believe it and you can achieve it.

Why do we fear death?

The medical field tends to define death as no heartbeat or pulse, science seems to suggest the end respiratory and brain activity, and many religions believe this is the point of entry into the biblical eternal life, the separation of the physical and non-physical being. A physicist named Nassim Haramein, has said that his research points to consciousness having its own intelligence and it sourced from outside the body. He believes there may be a series of worm holes that allow an intelligence from both inside and outside the known universe to participate in this energy field, we call consciousness. His theories seem to support biblical beliefs that God is at the root of all things, through an intelligent quantum wave, some call zero-point energy. My interpretation of death, the point that the spiritual essence of the conscious being leaves the physical body and joins the general quantum field (energy/God). I believe that God/The Holy Spirit is this energy. I believe the energy that has been restricted by our bodies is released into the energy field that science is calling quantum energy.

I have struggled with this for some time, as this might imply that those that experience a physical death, do not experience a non-physical death and their energy is free to roam the known and unknown universe with the creator. The reason for my struggle is heaven and hell. If our non-physical energy, connected and sourced from God is released and is free to intermingle with God where God is, which is everywhere, would this not be heaven? This has led me to conclude that we create hell, and we create it right now, while we are physically alive. I have concluded that hell only exist if we allow it to exist, and that our life on this earth is a choice between living in heaven or hell while we are alive. Jesus said, the kingdom is now. Jesus also told those other men from the cross, today, you will be with me in paradise. I am not remotely suggesting that death should be desired, but it should not be feared either. This has also led me to a new understanding of the 5th commandment, thou shalt not kill. It is not a sin to die, it is a sin to kill. We cannot be justified in killing and that is so different from what I had once believed. Killing is too big of a topic for this moment, but it is enough to consider this commandment in a new way and simply consider whether any war or defense, no matter how noble, is worth breaking this commandment.

Back to death. We all mourn the loss of a loved one and no one is free from an eventual physical death. We are losing a dog that we have had in our lives for some 15 years. He has been such a good dog that the pain of the process is tough to take on. Yet, I know he will be free from the physical pain body, as Eckhart Tolle describes it. Our dog will be free to be where he wants to be. The life experience, the journey, as I call it, is an opportunity to explore life through a set of physical senses. I believe our memories of great food, great feeling, great smells and great sounds will travel with us. An although we probably will not be able to use these senses again, we will have had that experience. God says that life is a gift. I believe God is saying this physical life is part of this gift and it should be equally cherished while we can. When you think of life like that it seems to free the mind, and to add value to where it is to be, the present. When the sun rises, cherish the feeling of warmth on your face, take in the aromas of spring and taste wonders of honey like you have never done before. Death is not to be feared, but to be a point on our timeline that reminds us to live right now, to live today, to live in this very precious moment. If you are still with us, cherish it. Live today, for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Change is worth the effort

Change what you do, to change how you feel. I am talking about routine. Try to change every at first. If you get up on the right side of the bed, switch to the left. This seems silly, but every time you get up on the left side of the bed you will be reminded that you intend to change. Intentionally is a key to success. Sometimes that old subconscious mind will try to operate its habits without your participation. This is how you interrupt that habit cycle. From the left side of the bed, immediately thank the creator for another opportunity, another day, and another experience.

Meditate/pray. God can be heard in that sleepy state that occurs right as you wake up or fall asleep. It is the point that your conscious mind is not quite awake yet and you are alone with your habit mind, your subconscious mind. If you want to tell your subconscious mind to stop overreacting in traffic, like you have trained it to do, now is the time, this is the moment. Get very quiet and listen. Just feel what your body has to say. Focus on various parts of your body and feel the free space all around each of them. Consider a guided meditation at first if you have trouble keeping your consciousness asleep. If you can focus inwardly in peace for 15 minutes each morning to start, things will start to change for you. You will become more aware and intentional throughout your day. If you have ever heard a parent say to a child, “get a hold of yourself”, this is what you are doing. You are regaining control of your day, week, month, year and life. This is accomplished by being 100 percent present in every moment.

The language of the creator. Although I believe the creator could be audible to all if desired, God does not operate this way. God is personal. God speaks through feeling and intuition. I have gone on and on about quantum wave theory (QWT) and why I believe God is all things, but my understanding may be rooted in QWT, it feels known. The bible says when the three become one, I have a second of this writing dedicated to that, but for this part, it is enough to say, when the heart, mind and spirit are in coherence. When your feelings (heart), mind (brain) and spirit (essence) are centered on the same thing, you are extremely powerful. Meditation or prayer can be a wonderful tool for this alignment. It is helpful to see your body as spirit. Sense you are a collection of energy waves held together by an unseen force; you are more spirit/energy than anything physical from a scientific viewpoint. Changing the start is the largest step in your change process.

Once you begin a change in your reality, it is a good time to start feeling, notice I did not say think. Thinking got us into this mess. Feel what you are here to do. Use Edison’s model for the light bulb if you must but start looking for it. Do not stress about it, just relax and look. Once you heart, mind and spirit are in alignment and are all looking for the same thing, it will be discovered rather quickly for most. Some of us block the answer, because we do not believe the answer. We have not gone far enough to change are perception of things. We focus on title, versus mission, the opinion of others versus our inner knowing. Be free of other’s opinions. You can just say to yourself, I love all things, but honor my own direction and purpose handed to me by the creator more. Or just say to yourself, I am going to do me and when the best me is realized, my friends and family will accept or not accept, that is their choice, but I must be me.

Change is hard. Change is hard because we want others support for change. Yes, it would be nice to have a life partner’s support, but you are not here to subject yourself to others, you are here to be you. We get hung up on historical/biblical records, such as the greatest among your become servants. These references are saying that servant leadership is best, they are not talking about your connection to this universe. Serve others by being the best you, not by being what they want you to be, is my best advice. Ultimately, change for you, not for others and others will be blessed to have an intentional being in their life.

What matters most

A Fearless Soul song asks some very important questions, if today was your last day, would you have regrets? Did you live or just exist? You do not know when your time is done, do not waste it. If it does not matter at the end, it does not matter now. This moment is too precious, do not waste it on yesterday’s mistakes. Make your life matter, make it yours today. Don’t wait. Take things that do not matter off the off the scale of life. You will never hear anyone ever say on their death bed, I wish my neighbor thought more of me, or I wish I would have spent more time thinking about debt and bills. If it does not matter in the end, do not let it matter now.

Many say that family is the most important thing to them and spend most of their life away from them at work. Stop intending to be and be. Grab life by the horns and live. Do not let the majority of your life’s story be stuff you had to do. If you have a nice house but no time to enjoy it, sell it and get something that gives you freedom to be, to do. There is no gold in the golden years. Retirement is mentioned very sparingly in bible, but when it is, it is mentioned as a form of punishment. Do not wait. I remember a message from the book rich dad, poor dad, that read something like, rich people do not work for money, they rarely think of it the way poor people do. Money is not the goal of the rich, it is merely a result of intentional living. Life is like money, it is either an expense or revenue, it is profitable or non-profitable. Going back to economics 101 here, but there is an opportunity cost associated with everything you do. Stop making money your goal and make what money would do for you your goal. If money would bring you freedom and peace of mind, just go ahead and experience those feelings now.

The human being is the only being on this planet that can experience something, without real time stimuli. We typically use this ability to remember how  some event made us feel mad or sad. However the best application is to imagine your life full, like mana from heaven has make your life perfect in every respect. If you can imagine a perfect life, and you can, just take the opposite of your traditional worries and doubts, you can live it in your mind. Once you master living it in your mind strange things begin to happen, doors begin to open, lights come on, and the path to that life becomes lit. Live the life you want internally, as vividly as you can and it will become your reality, just keep that negative person in your head locked up as much as you can. You will make mistakes and you will fall down, but you can get up. Funny thing about living the intended life, you become like spider man. You always get back up. So today, dust your self off from whatever life has dumped on you, forget yesterday, be present today and start living your perfect life. Remember, the perfect life is for you, not what someone else wants for you, you do not want your perfect life, because someone else does. Be an individual, be free, be powerful, be you. God made you perfect remember. It is harder to be imperfect. Once you take your hands off the wheel the ship centers on your path much like a ship at sea. Be great today.


Be a visitor of the past and or future not a resident. God, the creator of all things gave us the ability to remember the past, so that we might not repeat our failures and or missteps in life, yet some of us have chosen to live there. The past is like the beach for some. We love our time there, for a time, but sooner or later the storm comes to the beach as well and there is no shelter there. Visit the past and bring forth good memories and lessons into your present, but do not live there. Do not bring forth negative emotions from the past. This is a perversion of the gift God gave you, and it is a sin against yourself.

Let it go. Acid destroys the vessel in which it is stored. Hold no discontent for anything or anyone. When you feel the urge to resent or hate, imediately substitute that feeling for love. Love them as the father of this universe loves them. Living your life right, means living it now, where the power lives, but know you do have some power over the past. You have the power to forgive and forget it.

Forgive and forget it. Do not hold on to things that have been done to you or things you have done to others. Forgiveness is for you. You do not must tell anyone but yourself, that you forgive them, and you only have to tell yourself you forgive you. There is a book, “the power of the blessing” and this book contains that secret. You have the power in you to bless anyone or thing that has offended you. You have the power to bless yourself for being offended and you have the power to bless anyone or thing that witnessed the offense and move on.

The future is an unknown for you, stop trying to predict it and live where the power resides for you, now. When we try to control the future, we allow worry and fear to invade our present and our presence. Do not rob the present moment of you, we need you here, we love you here. Stay with us. Do not journey in your mind to yesterday or tomorrow, for we are not there. God is there, but if you listen, God is saying fear not, I control these spaces, return to the present and thank me for holding your past and future in my hands.  This is one-way God helps us. God holds tomorrow, so stop trying to control it. If you stay present, the very perfect you right now, you will be a perfect creation tomorrow when your future arrives.

The fear in us, fears a life without presence, without essence, without soul, without God and we try to control things that should be left to God. God made everything, everything, I said everything, in seven days. Do you honestly think, God cannot pay your electric bill tomorrow? Fear is useless. Thank God for this breath, and the next and the next, for everyone is a gift. Learn from your current strife, if any exists and move on. Why carry the cross of fear, it is not yours? Why waste the gift of God on worry? Why must you be in control, why must you challenge God for control? Be here with us now, not tomorrow. God has not promised tomorrow, but clearly God has given you this moment, this day, be thankful for it.

If there are people or things on this earth that bring you joy right now, be with them right now. You are not promised tomorrow. Spend no time outside the now. Be whom you want to be right now, claim what you must have right now. Ask and you will receive, does not mean, ask and then worry about whether God heard you or not. You are worthy, you are powerful, you are perfect. God made everything perfect, if you do not believe me, ask God yourself. Father, did you make me perfect, perfectly equipped to live the joyous, peaceful and fulfilled life you prepared for me here? Yes, I do not make junk, you take from the earth my perfection and make junk from perfection, and you doubt, worry and fear, destroying this perfect temple I have created for you, but yes, I did create a perfect you.

My prophets have told you, you are not to defile the temple, and the temple is you. It is a sin to worry, it is a sin to fear. These are direct commandments from God. If you worry or fear anything, you need to stop. Stop right now and thank God for your breath. Throw worry and fear back into the seas or yesterday and tomorrow, for these are Gods burdens, not yours. Your cross is not yesterday or tomorrow. God made this very second for you so you can live in it without, fear or worry. When you live in this very second without fear and worry, you are practicing the faith of the biblical Job.

I am not sure how to say it any clearer. Live in this moment, be thankful for this moment, nothing can hurt you in this moment. If you have trouble staying here in this moment, become consciously aware of everything you are doing. If you are warm, be thankful for that, if you are standing, be thankful for that, if you are eating, be thankful for that, if you are in the presence of loved ones, be thankful for that. God is now, life is now, hope is now, love is now, peace is now. Won’t you be here with us now?