Everyday is a page in our book of life. Are we writing a love story or a horror film script today? We are writing this story, like layers in a tree, the words and pictures placed here are our choice, but time moves on and writes the truth. The human body is a social being. What does it mean to be a social being? Feeling. We feel everything. Everything in our body is capable of feeling. When we couple feeling with a thought, it becomes powerful, for it is the language of the creator, it is faith. We judge others on action and ourselves on intention. The key here is judgement. Judgement is our damnation. Right and wrong are fallacies created by us to “justify” deviations from truth, from love. Countless atrocities have been inflicted on the human species under the flag of justice. Do not seek justice, seek to love your neighbor as yourself.

The Bible says, God is love. The ten commandments are not guidelines, hence justice is an illusion. Stop rioting and start loving. Life is more than this. Life is an experience that your spirit will have for an eternity. This means you will have one book to read after death of your physical being, your book. What will it say? Truth does not need to be sought, because it is. We know the truth. In the book The God Code, Gregg Branden talks about science that confirms that all human DNA has a signature on it. The creator signed the masterpiece, you. An artist does not sign mistakes that are discarded. We are intentional beings, made on purpose. Stop killing us, stop hating us, stop thinking on the things we do not want. Life is reciprocal. What we give we get. Stop giving hate and start giving love. Love those that offend us. There is a consciousness that resides in all things, that beats our hearts, that envelops us. This spirit is in all living things. To harm another is to harm ourselves. Hate is like acid, it destroys the vessel in which it is stored. If something offends you, turn it off. If we were to gather in the numbers that have gathered to protest, and just felt love together our combined prayer, our combined feeling would radiate to the stars. Love is so much more powerful than hate. Love heals, it does not hurt. Love conquers all. Just for today, fill your heart with love. Wherever you are close your eyes and feel only love, you do not have to love anything in particular, just feel love for 5 minutes and the power of this life will come to our aide. Together we cannot lose, because there is nothing to fight.

Be Blessed Where You Are

Be blessed where you are. Stop waiting on circumstances to change in order to be happy. Be happy and circmstances will change. Take a leap of faith that all is decided and that your happiness is in your control and this is your moment to be happy. The theory of universal mind states that there is a part of you that knows all, because the universal mind has always been and will always be, therefore knows all. Tap into the power that resides in you and unlease your potential. We are where we are based on a series of choices, some good and some bad. If you are a person that sees the glass half empty, change to positive will be more of an undertaking, but know that it can be done.

The law of attraction is rooted in our focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. If you are worring, this means you are adding focus to a negative event and it will attract this negative experience and it’s children into your life. Depending on the amount or level of focus/percent of mental capacity honed in on this thought will determine the speed in which it appears in your life. Great news though, if you spend a grater amount of energy on positive thoughts, the pendulem will swing in the direction of blessings. We are never to far from the light to see it. If you are reading this, you are blessed with sight, be thankful for that. If you are sitting be thankful for the chair, if you are standing, be thankful for your legs. The point, like begets like. If you become a grateful person today, your life will start to fil with more things to be thankful for. If you are filled with hate and fear, you will have more things to hate and fear move into view. Just for today, just for this moment, think of what you are thankful for. The life of a person filled with gratitude will find themselves blessed. Today’s thought to consider, you get what you send out. If you want love, love. If you want money, give. If you want peace of mind, be grateful. Be blessed where you are and you will be blessed where you go.

Speak no evil

Start talking about what you want. Words have incredible power. “I am” are the two most powerful words in any language. Whenever we say I am happy or I am sad, there is a corresponding feeling associated with it. This is the language of God. God lives on you, and he is the I am. He will bring forth what you know you are. If you know you are a failure, that is what he will give you. If you know that the most powerful being lives in you and you cannot be denied anything in this life, you will bring forth all of your desires of wealth, health and happiness. However you have to believe that, you cannot say i want that new car, you must say and feel, thank you (gratitude) for the new car. Know it is so, right now. I heard a story of a woman who wanted a baby so bad, and when she finally got pregnant, she told the world. She was not yet holding her new baby in her arms, she was not talking he baby tricker treating, but she was already doing that in her mind. This is the art of believing, know it before you see it. Rid your life of evil, for evil is error. See only truth. Your truth is what you desire in this life. If you want love, love. Stop watching and reading someone else’s version of love. Your love story is the most beautiful love story ever told, not some movie or some book, depicting others, your story. God of this universe created you to be you… start being you. Your experience in this life will either haunt or bless you for eternity, choose the blessing, choose good, choose it now. 

Today, do not speak if it is not what you desire, do not let the words past your lips. Speak only of your desires. Let not gossip come forth, let not judgment reside in you. You can do anything for a second. Some people can hold their breath for five minutes, you only need to hold your thoughts positive and hold your negative tounge for one second and then one more, and then one more and then one more. Every second is a choice. Every second, builds to a minute, every minute to an hour, every hour to a day, every day to a week, every week to a month, every month to a year and every year to a lifetime. You can do it. Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. See only truth. The truth will set you free, your truth. Every human on this planet has a inherent compass that knows truth. Remember, right and wrong is a myth, a trick to make you judge other people, truth is different. Truth is personal. This should be on a tee shirt, “I AM TRUTH”. God does not make junk. You are perfect just the way you are. Never, never, never compare yourself to another, for that is the fallacy of judgment. Evil is our creation. Evil does not exist in God. God is only good. He gave us perfection and the freewill to pervert it, to choose our own memories for eternity. Next time you see a person with something amazing, be grateful for them. Gratefulness is an “I am” power tool. I am grateful for their blessing, is the same as I am grateful for my blessings, things I desire and feel in my life right now. Feel it, be it and have it one second at a time.

Where are you?

God created the us in his own likeness/image. I have always struggled with phrases or suggestions from the bible that centered around no graven image, no other gods before you, meaning outside you, and or yours is the kingdom (people want to put heaven here, and thats fine, but beyond this earth is closer) and you are the temple. The language is to point to spiritual things. We know that this body is an energy suit, held together by our consciousness/energy/essence. It must have been tough for the biblical writers to understand and translate things like this without the words of the creator echoing in context. The point? I have been asking God for some time to see  the face of the creator. “I want to see your face God”, I would say. Finally, it came to me, like rushing water. I had felt the feeling several times, but brushed it off. “I am here, look now”. I would look and not see anything I would give credit to creation. Then yesterday I was looking in the mirror and I felt it again, “look, I am here”. No, I am not God, well at least no more than you are. God is all things and the Holy Spirit of God lives in us. We are mighty brings, capable of wonderous things or horrible things and its a choice.
God is in all things, and if you want to see his face, look in the mirror, God is there. When you begin reading biblical texts from this point of view, you start to see the reason, the reason for all things. God is experiencing this life with us. You cannot fail, because this is an experience, a choice between heaven and hell on earth today and this choice is made everyday. Knowing this it is easy to understand that there is no right or wrong, there is no karma, no justice, for where these things are, lies judgement and we are not to judge. Judge not… is pretty clear throughout any biblical text.
Today, look in the mirror, into your eyes, the eyes are the windows to the soul and see his face. God is in there, and we don’t have to look very hard to find him. If you have no sight, you know better than those that do where God is, because you know this life, our sight can decieve us. Because of our thoughts we see things that are not true for all, they are only true because we think they are. Our parents told us we are not to do this or that and we see someone else doing it and we judge them. Again the Bible is clear on that and do not judge your parents, they did what they thought was right, even though this does not exist. God desires to experience his creations through you. Do not apply right or wrong to things today, do not do this, for you will judge others and yourself and that only leads to feelings and a reality not heavenly. We do not know how long we have here, we do not know the time or the place of the crossing. Do not rush this experience. Today, start looking for God within and see all things through the awh and reverence of creation. Let the sun or rain hit our face today and know that this experience can remain with our spiritual essence forever.  Get close to God today. God is right here, look for him.


Anticipation is the key to every event we experience in this life. Zig Ziglar uses the story of a golfer that dribbles the ball from the tee to a nearby dune and says “I knew I was going to do that”. When you stop and think about it, athletes practice for many reasons, but one main reason is so they can anticipate, expect success. A good archer is never surprised by a bullseye, a good golfer is never surprised by an outstanding day on the course. If we want to be successful, we need to live what success is to us before the moment arrises. Do not be surprised by things we desire, be confident and know they will be and they will. People are surprised to win the lottery because we know the odds, but do you know the odds of your very existence, the odds of your parents being your parents? The point is, there is a reason the lottery puts the odds of winning in bold print. It is so that we do not anticipate winning. If we were able to truly anticipate anything we cannot be denied anything. Anticipation is biblical faith, now know as the law of attraction. We pray for people in the hospital because we anticipate their suffering and or passing. Why do we do that? This is the curse of Adam and Eve. This is the mind crupt. If we want to move that mountain we have to anticipate its removal without a shadow of a doubt. See our arrows hit the target before we touch the arrow to the bow. This, like anything takes practice. Anticipate one thing differently today than you would have yesterday and witness the power in that resides in us. Be not discouraged, if you cannot get it right away, most of us have been practicing limiting beliefs for a long time and changing our hearts and minds to one of faith, of anticipation will take practice, but stay with it. It is worth it.


Life is a series of doors. Fear or love determines what is on the other side of these doors. Sometimes the creator will not allow us to open doors if we are not ready to see it, to experience it in our life. If we cannot manage what we have now, how can we manage more. The story of the talents from the Bible, says all we need to know. For he that hath much, more is given and he that has little, all is taken. We need to handle what we have if we expect more. If we have little money, manage it well and more will be added. If our lives our not full of love, we are allowing fear to creep in. Fill our homes with love and the feelings of joy and abundance and there will be no room for fear. Jesus said how can I fill a cup that is full.

Be teachable, be flexible and know that we have to abandon the foundation of right and wrong. For this foundation is a foundation rooted in judgment and judgment fosters a presence of fear and anger. This is the most difficult concept of our transition to who we want to be. If we believe in a creator, we should know that judgment is not ours, it is not our burden, it is not our cross. This life is an experience that we will have for eternity, once our spirit leaves this body. Do we want to carry anger that damages our soul into the afterlife.

In the book “The Power” we learn to practice the rule of 51% percent. Break the day down into minutes and focus at least half of each minute on feeling love, gratitude, joy and peace. If we can fill 51% of our day with these positive things, we will begin to see a change into who we want to be, we will begin to be the change we are looking for. The baggage of our past can be overwhelming if we do not break it down in to smaller pieces. How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do we overcome years of poor influences and poor decisions? Moment by moment. Win this moment. Fill 51% of this moment with peace, joy, love, gratitude and forgiveness.

The results will come quickly, but we have to remain vigilant for the demons of the past will not go quietly, and will sometimes pretend to die, and sneek back into our lives when we are not aware. When something happens today that makes us react negatively, and something will, say “okay bad vibe, you have 28 seconds left and then I am moving on”. Each minute is a choice, each minute is that door. Fill our minutes with good thoughts and those doors will reveal wonders when opened. Not convinced? Try it for a day. One day, not allowing others to steal your joy, may convict you to a life of happiness. Get convicted and open that door with our eyes wide open, how could we possibly regret it? That’s a rhetorical question, so do not judge it:).

Energy flows where focus goes

Energy flows where our focus goes. What we focus on is attracted to us. If we are sick and we focus on the sickness, more sickness is attracted to us. If we are in debt and we focus on debt, more debt is brought into our life and reality. If we watch the news and the only news on there seems to be bad, stop watching it. Our energy flows where our focus goes. If we want to attract something different into our realities today, we must stop focusing on what we do not want and start focusing on what we do want. When we add emotion to a thought or feeling, we are like a magnet for the things associated with this thought. Just like a magnet, like begets like. New medical breakthroughs that we will see more commonly in the coming years is energy medicine. We now know that all things broadcast an energy, a frequency. A day will come when we will find the opposing energy to cancer cells and be able to drive them from the body using energy medicine (introducing an energy field that repels only the energy field produced by the cancer cell). The human mind and body emit energy based on one’s feeling or mental state and or desires. We can change are frequency, our energy, and change what is brought into our reality.

We can repeal anything by adding focus to the opposite. Many of us have had the grandparent that pinched our arm when we scraped our knee and said, “now does your knee still bother you”? The lesson here is, we feel what we focus on and we get what we feel. Some of the greatest minds of our lifetime knew that any anti-movement group would foster only what they oppose. Anti-war groups have brought us much more war than pro-peace groups. If we find ourselves going to join others in opposition to something, we must ask ourselves if we will attract what we want through this effort? Many in this country oppose the president for various reasons and are securing his re-election through their opposition. Energy flows where focus goes. If we want change, we must be the change we are looking for, not oppose what someone else is doing, for this will only bring more of what we are opposing. Energy flows where focus goes. Today, focus on what we want and spend no more time focusing on what we do not want. Be the change we want to see. If we want more money, start feeling and acting like we have it. If we want world peace, stop opposing war, and start loving and forgiving like it’s our last day on earth. Be the change we are looking for. We are powerful, we cannot fail.

Do you believe what you see or what I tell you?

Disease cannot live in a healthy, stress free body. The goal for every being on this planet is to eliminate stress. Create a mind environment that does not harbor stress. Remember that you cannot harm others with your thoughts, so to think negatively about others is to harm yourself, through the stress it causes in your body. Stop listening and watching negative things. You are the only guardian of your mind and you must protect it from the seeds of stress, fear, anger and resentment. Spend no more time listening to music that does not uplift and inspire you to be better, to do better, to feel better. Stop watching movies with violence and negative messages, these prime your spirit for an unbridled reaction to theses types of scenarios in your own life. There is a reason marketing expert pay millions for a 30 second ad during a major sporting event. All marketing is rooted in psychology. Why do you think that door-to-door summer model salespeople tell you your neighbor just bought what they are selling and why do you see smiling people in these television advertisements? Because we have been programmed by what we have observed to want what others have and if others seemingly have happiness by purchasing a given product, we must have it. Stop putting this kind of material into your head. Break the mold. First be thankful if you had two parents in your life, teaching you how to be a man or woman. Yet recognize that you do not act like they told you to act today, you act as they acted. If they demonstrated unconditional love, so do you. If they demonstrated fear, anger, resentment, hate, and conditional love, you will have these things living in you. Do not blame or credit your parents for these things once you have left the home, for every moment is a choice. If you exhibit one of these learned traits after you are no longer in their care, you have made a choice, not them. Be aware of this and as you see it consciously correct it. You have a choice to be whom you want to be or to be what you have been shown to be. Start being picky about your friends and family. If they do not elevate you, make you better, not tell you to be better, show you better, remove them from your life until you are strong enough to influence them.

Mindlessness is carelessness. Be mindful of what you are observing, what you are believing, what you are bringing into your mind and life. Zig Ziglar once told a story about “stinking thinking” and how it starts and how you can change. Suppose I was to walk into your living room and dump garbage on the floor, would you let me leave without cleaning it up? Would you let me back in your home if I did not clean it up? Next time you are watching a movie, ask yourself if this movie is dumping garbage in your mind, what will you do with the information being dumped into your mind? If there is garbage being dumped into your mind by a movie, a music choice, a friend or family member, it is up to you to turn it off, to throw it out and lock the door. Zig told a story of a southern city that covered a garbage dump with tons and tons of soil and built a shopping mall on it. You have to put a lot of good on top of this garbage sometimes or it will start creeping back up through the good soil, but if you stick with it, you stop letting people dump trash in your mind and you keep putting good soil over this trash, you too can build something wonderful there and no one will ever know that you used to allow people to dump trash there. Today, start building the plans for something great. Turn off the trash, and turn on things that lift you up, things that make you feel invincible. Diseases cannot live in a healthy body and if you focus on what you have, be grateful for what you have and stay in this very moment, not allowing trash to be dumped into your mind, you will have no need for fear, for nothing can hurt you. Be great, love everything and yet guard your mind.

The Choice

God is light, and for many we must spend a little time in the dark to fully understand and appreciate the light. God does not wonder why we choose to spend so much time in the dark. God knows that we choose for ourselves all that has been created. In the beginning there was darkness and God separated the darkness from light. Another one of the gifts in this life is hardship, or a walk that is dark, for what would we know of the light if we knew not the dark. Once we are ready to be healed, once we are ready to be loved, once we are ready to feel a deep appreciation for this life, the light finds us in the dark. The choice is, we choose the amount of time we spend in darkness, it is ours and ours alone. Some might immediately say, God can bring light to anything, anywhere, what do you mean the choice is mine? This is freewill. You can feel God, you can see God, you can be in the light or in the dark and the choice is yours. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for thou art with me, means times of darkness. Furthermore, we cannot blame this time in the dark on others, because we choose our thoughts and our thoughts determine our reality. No person can take your thoughts, no one can control your thoughts, without your permission. There is a book called The Power of Awareness and in the book the author reminds us that creation is done, it is finished. This means that it already exists, you merely need to manifest it into your life. How can we get into the light and stay there? It is simpler than you might think. Gratitude and belief. Be grateful for being in the light, before you are there. This means have a grateful heart for what you have learned in your time of trail and be grateful for being delivered, for all the good things in your life, including life itself. Gratitude is the proper execution of belief. We receive what we focus on, so if we are focused on the darkness, we will get more of it and if we are focused on the light, get ready to be in the light. Act as if it is done.

Free yourself of judgement. Shame has no power where there is no judgement of self. Be who you are. Make the choice to turn toward the light, you are worth it. Our current times are laden with choices. If we respond with hate or fear initially, just recognize what is happening and return to the current moment where everything is perfect, where you have untold power in this life. When we feel we are losing control, we need to take our hands off the wheel and reach for the hand of the Holy Spirit that surrounds everyone on this planet. Today, fear not the dark, simply look for the light and you can feel your way to safety. No matter how dark, there is always light. Do not focus on the dark, focus on the light, all the good things in this moment, and you will find yourself in the brightest path imaginable. I must keep reminding myself that there is no right or wrong, for if I feel there is, this leads me to judge others, judge the moment. I know not their fears and worries. I know not their cross, I know not their choice for the moment. Judgement is a choice, one of the most important choices we may make in this life and we make choices like this millions of times per day. I believe The Holy Spirt is our link to the creator in this life. Most of us discount the waking moments of everyday, where we toggle between consciousness and unconsciousness. There has been much written to say that the unconscious mind was the mind of Adam and Eve and of the Christ Jesus. The conscious mind is our burden, it is what blocks us from the creator. In this time of wake and sleep is the most active link we have to the creator. Use this time to thank the creator for your life and things you believe will be part of your day and future. God is closest to you during this time, do not waist it… Make the choice to be grateful and your day will be unimaginably blessed.

The Bear

The hardest part of everyone’s journey is knowing when we are walking the wrong way, but we have no perception of the right way. This is at the root of change, fear is at the root of change, because uncertainty can be present in times of change. We see so many exits on our journey, but we do not have enough faith in ourselves to try these alternate routes. We know we are going the wrong way, but change has been sold to us as painful. Change does not have to be painful. We are here to experience this physical life, to create memories for eternity. Sure, in the moment of change we perceive pain, but this is an illusion brought on by fear of the unknown. Everyone seems to have the story; I knew what I wanted to be before the tried to be it. I thought I wanted to be this or that, but I did not do well in supporting subjects in school. It never occurs to us that, when we are here for something and we feel the call, the pull toward it, the opinion of others needs to be secondary. In challenge everything, I tell us to not take the guidance of others unless we feel it in our soul to be true. If we had a teacher, I love teachers, so bear with me, say that us are not good at some subject but we want to be part of a field that requires this something, remind them of the Wright Brothers and Einstein. We will not need to explain that these two examples were success stories of people contributing from the outside. If we feel the call, follow it. Our intuition, the call, is the voice of the creator and the creator knows that the experiences of this calling will fulfill us and bring us joy.

Do not let others interpret our dreams. Our dreams are a conversation between the creator and our subconscious mind. I have written before that sleep is for the creator. The creator visits with our intuition and subconscious mind while our conscious mind sleeps. If it were not for the conscious mind, the creator would be able to communicate with us all day, but we block this conversation with our conscious thoughts. The conscious mind is the gatekeeper, a gatekeeper to the very powerful mind that operates below consciousness. When we know we need to take an exit on our journey, it will require the courage to change. Change is so incredibly tough, because we have spent every conscious moment up until the moment of change convincing ourselves change is bad or painful or unnecessary.  In short, we lie to ourselves so often that we make it our truth. Change is like the story of fighting a bear, we do not rest when we are tired, we rest when the bear is tired. Sometimes we must fight for change and exude a level of faith that has never been required before. Most of us are where we are in life because this is where we believed we could be. Not consciously of course, but deep down we felt we could or could not achieve some goal and our powerful machinery put in us by the creator, subject to freewill, did the work as we commanded. We are all connected though consciousness. Dr. Bruce Lipton has found that consciousness is not contained in the body and that everything living thing shares a single consciousness. We have incredible individual power, but our collective power trumps all, because we consolidate the source power of this universe. Our journeys are different, but the goals are the same. We all want peace of mind, joy, love and peace. Let us feel those in our bodies today. Let us conspire for what we desire. It is worth it.