Fear is the enemy of love and God is love. We live in a world that has an obsession with fear. We control one another through fear, all while speaking as if it is done for love. The deception hurts my soul. Fear is amazingly destructive, and is at the root of all violence. The current times seems to pray on fear of death. Death is being reported daily and fear has been the overwhelming result. Government leaders make decisions based on fear of how they will be perceived by some of their constituents or history. Not knowing that history is for the dead and to fear judgment is error. People in positions of granted authority should not try to combat fear by ordering additional fear to be allocated to the masses. Somehow we must turn our eyes away from this fear and find the calm knowing that love overcomes all. Love thy neighbor and thy persecutors. Many of us have responded to fear with anger, which is also rooted in fear. We fear that those gripped by fear will gain more control and attempt to instill fear into us, but this is error as well. All fear is error. We must therefore replace our fear with love and help all we can be removed from the tracks of fear. To fear anything is error for the one living God is here with us and God has provided a directive to fear not. Fear makes the brain flood our bodies with cortisol and channels blood away from our heart and primary organs to the arms and legs to outrun some present threat, much like a bear or lion. Remember the story if Daniel, he turned his back on the hungry lions, and most of us believe this was a demonstration of faith, but also as much could be said, that Daniel was simply following the directive to fear not. We cannot live in fear, because it will kill us. Faith is a calm knowing that thou art with us in the valley of the shadow of death. Remember the tree was named “knowledge of good and evil”. To apply good and evil is to create a basis for judgment, and we are not to judge one another for we are not the creator of one another. Today, turn your eyes away from fear. Stop reading health department updates, start asking yourself how can I turn my eyes away from fear, how can I embrace this day with love? Love will set you free.

Believe and its yours

Stop hoping and start being. Hope gets us in position to believe, but it is only step one in the process of achieving one’s desires. Daydream no longer. It is time to feel the desire realized from the end point. Do not get bogged down in how, this is God’s part, but see it from the completed point and God will move that mountain. But to move the mountain, we have to see and feel it already moved. We cannot say I believe that mountain will be moved, for that statement says it is not yet moved. We cannot hope it moves,, we have to know and feel it is no longer there. We have to see the mountain moved, be thankful and start walking toward where the mountain would have been with no climbing gear, because its gone. See no mountain, simply see and feel the otherwise as if the mountain never existed. If poverty or lack is that mountain, then we need to stop saying I believe I am going to be abundant, for this is a wish from a point of lack. God tells us not to pray a beggar’s prayer. Praying from a position of want or lack is a beggars prayer. The story of the talents tells you all you need to know on this topic. Those that have little all will be taken and those that have abundance more will be added. God is telling us how to pray. Pray and thank God for it, but remember, God will not be mocked or manipulated. We have to truly believe the thing is given and truly be thankful for it in our prayer, for God knows our heart.

Know that certain things prepare us for better things. Good gets us ready for great, but we have to learn from good and let go of good when greatness appears. Sometimes we ask for something before we are ready to accept it, we are still holding on to good or we are reliving a past failure. If we need a new car, we may need to practice being thankful for other gifts to truly feel thankful for a larger gift. Just like many lottery winners end up destitute, we sometimes receive gifts that we are not prepared to accept and make fruitful. If our lives are not ready to be thankful for everything, it is easy to start believing in lack again. We have a success and then start saying to ourselves, this is great “how” do I acquire more of this now? How is God’s, judgement is God’s. How is the first step to failure in prayer for it screams disbelief from the proverbial mountain top. God said I am the “I Am” and I am in you. Know that God knows how, God only needs us to truly see and be at our desired end point to deliver the gift. We are here on this earth so that the infinite being, God, can experience all that has been created by God’s hand. Only God can judge it and only God can define it. Believe and it will be. To believe is to see.

You are on purpose

The chances of you being you are astronomical. Do you know how perfect the solar system has to be in order for the earth to maintain life? There are those that spread fear about the environment, not knowing that when we believe something as a society, it becomes real. If we collectively believe in something, the chances of that becoming our personal reality grows exponentially. You and I were built perfectly. We know truth, we know… When someone tells you that the sky is falling, look up in disbelief, but look up. Truth must be sought. People that claim to know the end, but do not know of the beginning are not operating in truth. When they asked Jesus what will the end be like, he asked them, what do you know of the beginning? For he that knows the begining, knows the end. We are the created and the un-created. Our spirit, the Holy Spirit will not pass away for it is of God. The earth can fall from it’s axes, but our spirit lives on. Give no focus to these that speak of environmental collapse, but love the earth, for it to is of the creator. God made Adam (us) from the same energy, the same material. We are all one. All things were created by God and all things are God’s alone. Our purpose is to experience it, to love it, for our spirit is in God and will never die. When God says, I give you the gift of life, know that everything is alive, everything is of the same begining and will be of the same end. Speak nor listen to those that speak of damnation, for they do not know the begining. The book of revelations a lot of words to describe the end, but know the crust of the interpretation is, the veil to be lifted. This means in this time we will know the truth. To know the end means to know the begining. In the beginning, it was only God. God’s energy was known. Everything begins and ends with the creator. God made everything on purpose, which includes you. We have one purpose… live. Experience this life, this gift in ways that glorify the creator, love all things. The kingdom is now, our time is now. Yesterday is for the dead, and tomorrow is for the unborn. Live, let the sun hit your face, for God is the light.

Purpose of things

Every obstacle has a purpose, every sign provides direction. To walk through the valley is to earn the mountain top. Thank you Lord for the deep dark forest for it gave us the courage to persevere the swamp and marshes. Thank you for the tree across our path for it aided in the avoidance of a snake. Thank you for the traffic jam, for it has taught us patience and to be in your glory in silence. Thank you for the hate in this world, for the great contrast of love that conquers all will shine so incredibly bright for all. Thank you for our hardships on this journey, for the hardest steel is forged in the hottest fires and it takes diamond to cut the toughest stone.

Character, is found and developed on our path in this life and we know that the speed in which we learn is known, therefore we do not rush thee, we thank thee for thy love. It is the greatest love that teaches the hardest lessons, that will allow a child to fall, but reach down every time to help the child up again, binding the wounds, counseling the fears, driving out any doubt, casting out all discord. We know this journey, this gift of life, is an opportunity to earn the gift. Just as a child would earn a promised gift in their heart, we earn the provided gift of life. Though we fall, though we hide, though we stray from our path, you are there. Thank you.

Thoughts & Life

Are our thoughts ours? What is a thought? What is life? We go along in this journey day after day without inquest or inquiry into what, why and how. We have left this to other people, but everyone will see the answers to these questions differently. I equate this to the tower of Babylon story, as God does not need us to completely understand, nor does God want us wasting time, time is life, on stupid ventures. God knows a tower to the sky, exploration into the sky is a waste of time, because it is without, and God also lives within us. Why do we continually seek God and the kingdom of God somewhere else? The translation of heavens from the original text is all around, above and below, encompassing all, but we choose sky. God is all things, God lives in you. Stop looking up, God is right here with you. Stop looking for God using a map created by a church that was formed to control you. Your relationship with God does not need interpretation from someone else. Communion is wonderful and I believe necessary as we are social beings, but we do not need someone to offer a ritual, we can be in Communion with God and others individually as intended. Think about the veil being lifted from the eyes of Paul and the letters to the churches, where in essence stop being controlled and be true to what God has created. God did not create you to follow another person. That other person will not be your guide at the end, it will be you and God in direct Communion, so practice. God is talking all the time and sometimes we hear God and we say, oh that was just a passing thought. Passing thought? Define passing thought. Start asking yourself is this me or something else. Remember what the early church made up as Satan is a created being, meaning he does not live in you, only God does. Edison was once asked “how did you come up with all these inventions?” Edison said I believe these ideas are all around us in the air, and I merely have selected them from this common medium. This common medium Edison spoke of is our constant Communion, which some scientists call the universal subconscious mind, a mind below our typical level of consciousness. God the creator of all things is all around us, in constant Communion with us. Life is a journey, where we allow the creator to experience physical life though us. The spiritual part of us, will live on, because it is of God and has always been. Our life experiences will be with us for eternity, therefore make the best experience possible. Spend no more time condemning the life or actions of yourself or others. Let the sun hit your face and love every precious moment of this gift of life. Do not waste it on TV or News or hate, or judgement or regret or fear. God is love and if you want to be in close Communion, love what he has made, and that is everything and every one. Another cannot offend you if you love without judgment. The sin is to kill, not to be killed. Justice, redemption and retribution are words and ideas we created to hide shame, fear and hate. Spend no time on these things. Everything in this life is precious, do not be confused, God will not be mocked, for everything was created by God and God will not stand in judgment of the creation and be judged by the created. The greatest lie ever told is the closest to the truth. Ask yourself today, do I know what I have been taught to be something I risk it all on? God answers prayers. Ask God to reveal to you the truth about something. Ask God if you should believe the written word of the created, this even means me, or use these writings as a gateway to discovery. I believe the Bible to be the Word of God, but I also believe the early institution of church was founded as a secondary form of control and these historical church leaders may have conspired to set themselves up as guides when no such guide is needed. The counsel set up under Constantine were charged with determining what texts would persist, we do not know the hearts of these people, because they wrote their own history. Jesus spoke in parables, because he foresaw this historical purging. People not seeking God in all things do not truly understand the teachings of Jesus, as these counsel members did not either, preserving the sanctity of Jesus’s teachings to a great extent. Do not discard decent. Remember the parable, I knocked, and you did not answer. This paprable is screaming at you to let truth in, for if you trust God, God will help you know truth. Know there is proof that words, meanings and translations were changed and we need to be able to see through the noise of ritual to see God. Simply ask yourself when reading the word of God, does this statement align with other parts of the text or can there be a mistranslation. The word says fear not, and then fear God. The word translated as fear also means stand in awe and reverence of. God is love, not fear. We may think this is petty, but churches are divided of words spoken by Jesus on the cross. If the word do not align with what we know of God and Jesus, the translation is wrong, period. God lives in you personally,, therefore you do not need to seek the counsel of others for meaning and definition of God, you can ask God directly and it will be revealed, if you listen and seek truth, versus collaboration. We do not need someone to anoint us or approve our passage, or be of a certain biblical scholarship to baptise us. Jesus said John the Baptist was above all, but those that learned of the kingdom would be above John. Jesus did not say, a preacher or a pope that learned of the kingdom, he said those, meaning me and you. If you look up the definition of pharisee, it will be a pretty good description of the modern pope. Condemning walls from behind walls, set up as leaders yet in recluse, hiding from the masses and truth, rationing understanding, acting as a gatekeeper of truth, but sharing no truth. To know God does not require denomination, this is made up by us. When God speaks of the church, God is talking about people, not buildings, not boards or preachers, or popes. God is talking about us. I advocate church attendance, do not misunderstand my statements. I am merely saying serve God, not the church, seek God in all things not what our religion has taught us to seek, do not seek religion, seek God. Go out into the world and live, laugh and love for these are of the creator. Talk to God today.

Beachfront Property

To live the life we desire does not mean we remove ourselves from our current life. To use the power of our imagination is to feel as though our new life is about us, it is our current reality. To simply accept our current reality is to be a slave to external events, what others say and do. If our desired life is to live next to the water and we are currently living in a friend’s basement, we need to feel as though we are next to the water. Imagine opening the French doors to our bedroom and smelling the saltiness of the sea air, to hear the rush of water hitting the sand. We do not need to be there to feel this reality. Talk about it to others… if they will let you. Act as if it is your current reality and mountains will begin to move. In fact, it is as easy to go from the basement to ocean front as it is to go from a B-Lot to ocean front. In some cases it gets harder, the closer one is to achieving their dream, because good can be the enemy of great. We will have friends tell us, “oh you have it so good”. You do not want good, you want perfect, and you can have it, but you must persist without exception.
The easiest mental activity in all of existence is doubt. We have been socially conditioned from a small child in all the things we cannot do. Do not misinterpret my point, discipline is for the child. I am talking about boundaries based in fear. “You cannot play next to the street because… you cannot whatever because”. If you hear your parents say, “because I said so” you are starting in the basement of life, it is merely a fact. Do not be disappointed, because one can go to any state of being, from where they are to where they desire very quickly, depending on ones ability to accept thier desired future as now. Our thoughts become things. It takes the same amount of faith to move a ball-point pen as it does a mountain. The handicap for children raised in “because I said so” households, is the ability to cast this limited thinking that haunts us to the curb quickly and without regret. If you are already saying its too hard, I cannot forget the direction of my upbringing, nor do I want to, remember a house cat can eat an elephant, it just takes a long time. It is worth the work, but better yet, it is not work. To accept your desired life as now, to feel as it is, just means letting go of the past. The past made us who we are, this is true, but it has no bearing on whom we wish to be now. After all, past and future events are mental illusions, because we have to presently think of them. Choose to think on your current desires, not your past. Do not become lost in a future state, feel your future now. Presence is where the power is… never forget that.

There is a room

As we explore the journey of life, we desire things, we wish for things to adorn us as we go. All these things are known by the creator and are kept in a place, a storehouse, a room, waiting for us to accept them through faith, the power given to us by God. The creator is a parent that wants us to have everything we desire because God experiences our life with us. Think of a swim lesson for a child. It is not important that the child swim at first, only that the child experience the water. The instructor cannot experience the water for the child, but builds a lesson plan based on what is observed of the child’s experience of the water. The most sufisticated rocket in the world cannot change course until in flight. The guidance system needs feedback to make the necessary corrections to ensure the target is reached. God created you for this purpose, to provide feedback. Its a gift, enjoy it, live, laugh, love.

God, the creator of all things, because the creator is all things is infinity and therefore has no beginning or end, meaning the greatest opportunity to experience things is through living physical forms, us. Life is not only a journey, it is all about the journey, the observationof life, the experience of life. This is why the moment is so powerful, because every moment is an opportunity to thank God for this opportunity, for this life gift. God does not want you to wait, God wants you to be. God is all things and all things is a gift to you, enjoy them, feel them, taste them, smell them and love them. There is a room of wonders, with versions of you, with children, with things, do not make this room, the room of things not to be. You are supposed to have these things. We all experience life differently, which is the beauty of life. If we all saw things the same way, how boring would creation be to the creator who wants to know what you experience in this life. There is a room of wonders, what have you put there?

It is done

The hardest of all elements of life is faith. We say we belive and yet speak words that do not align with our so called beliefs. We say we care and then do not care. We say we will act when the time is right, knowing the time will never be right. I am statements can be so incredibly powerful if we can successfully add a thimble full of faith to the statement. I am, by the aid of God, moving this mountain seems like a faithful statement, but on reflection “moving” means the mountain is still there. The qualifier for faith is to act as if it were done. Meaning what mountain? Being surprised by failure is the first sign of progress. It remains undesired, but when we start becoming surprised that the mountain is there, when we did not get the job, or the raise, we are making headway. So stick with it. The human ego wants us to give up when something we are trying to have faith in falls short of the mark, but do not give it a win. When it feels like the largest failure in your life, that means you are incredibly close to breaking through and the ego is trying extremely hard to stop you. Remember the quote that says, those that quit have no idea how close they were to wining. The process of faith is hard to start and hard to finish. This is Gods way of telling us the difference between the end points. Do not misunderstand, each time we apply faith, the hard start and finish will be present, so nothing is mastered but the battle today. The war rages on. Remember that God is spiritual in nature and we are created in his image, therefore we are spiritual. There is part of us that has always been and that is powerful. The spiritual essence of God is in you, therefore there is no thing that keep us from doing or accomplishing anything unless we allow things too. Faith is the power that moves mountains and that power lives in us. Do not ever forget that. Stop asking God to help you and use the power God gave you. It is done as soon as we can apply faith to that statement. The creator of this universe lives in you and all you have to do is believe it is done and it is done. Quick point. You cannot believe because someone tells you to. You have to believe it so, so deep that if someone wakes you at 3 AM and asks what do you believe, your words are it is done. Childlike faith is what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. It is in you, it is done.

To Judge Another

Because we have fell from the place of perfect grace, sin is among us daily. Most us have some form of unique to us sin that haunts us and for me it has been judgement. Because of this, I have a keen eye and ear for those that try to take God’s place in judgement of all things. To judge that which is God’s is a horrific path to explore. I pray for all that are like me in this struggle. This has not always been my sin, but since roughly 2006, this has been my cross. Judgement is horrible, and a burden I wish upon no being, for to judge another is to try and take on things that are God’s alone and to live in fear of others that carry the sin of judgement like a yoke about them. Judgement of others is so incredibly hard to rid because you feel like it’s a calling or that you are helping others be aware of their missteps. But nothing can be further from the truth. To judge another is to invite into your body an acid that destroys your character and values. To judge another is a sin that serves no one, not even for a moment. God has charged us to be the light, not the judge the light of others. If you read these words and feel you need to pray for me, it is really a sign, that you need to pray for you. If another has set aside the desires and teaching of other men to seek God in all things, this is not a place to fall down the hole of judgement. I am overcoming judgement by seeking God in all things. Jesus welcomed all unto him for he did not see sin, because he was not looking for it. Sin is error. If you are looking for error, you will find it. If you are looking for truth, you will find it and if you are looking for God you will find God. Stop looking to correct everyone that does not see life as you do and look for God, look for love and understanding.
For some time, I have desired to hear the voice of God. For I have felt if I heard the audible version of God’s voice, I would somehow feel more connected. Yet, I know that God is infinite and lives in all things. If I want to hear God, I have to feel God. The direct language of God is divine and what is divine more than the spirit or essence of God that lives in all things. Remember that God created all things, and an invisible force holds all things together. Right now there is a force holding ever cell in your body together. We have many names for this force, medical and scientific names, but we do not know it. We can never know the creator, but we can know of the creator. I have said it in the past, but what if the word fear in the Bible is a poor translation in many cases? What if we know this because the translation contradicts its self? Fear not and fear God seem to contradict each other. God says fear not for thou art with you, and later other authors say fear the lord thy God. The word we are being translated as fear also has meaning, stand in awe and reverence. Think of saw wood or saw a dear, words have different meaning,, based on how it is used in a sentence. Was this mistranslation intentional to control followers of faith? Who honestly knows?

God says, I Am love, and another section says fear God. Fear and love conflict, but we do not discard these misinterpretations, why? Control. Someone is trying to control you. If anyone says they have a message from God for you, run as fast as you can. God’s voice is in you and God does not need pastor Bob to tell you something, pastor Bob wants to tell you something on his own. Our relationship ship with God is personal. God gave us a voice to be in communion with each other, but we do not need a audible voice to speak to God and we do not need ears to hear God. Our five senses are how we experience God’s creation, a physical life. The temple is us, the kingdom is now, be not deceived, God will not be mocked. You do not have a divine message for others. You have a divine message for you. We are all God’s and no one can change that. God is law. Like gravity, we do not need to believe in gravity to be subject to it. We are our parent’s children. No matter where you go and what you do, you cannot change that. Jesus went to church to flip some tables over and then left. Before a halo adjuster chimes in and limits the power of God and says he was not a minster of any church or something of that nature, just pray about it. If the full power of God was at the hand of Jesus, he could choose his audience and he chose those thrown to the roadside by the conventional church. Look up the definition of Pharisee. It is someone that knows or should know but does not speak the truth of what they know. If the life teachings of Jesus conflict with what you have been taught, then you know. Give that to Caesar that which is Caesar’s… nothing is Caesar’s! Jesus spoke in a simple tone and in stories so everyone could understand and we have managed to foul that up. Today, you will be with me in paradise, meaning the kingdom is now. The dead in Christ shall rise. Jesus said I have defeated death… He is saying we are all of God, whether we know it (dead to facts) or not. Just know there is a son of God and his name is Jesus and he taught us things in stories so that would last the test of time. Your journey is personal. You were intentionally created. God lives in you. God personally designed you. God does not make junk. God is love. Judgement is reserved for God. To judge another is to condemn yourself. Do not be fooled, God will not be mocked. If you find yourself judging another’s interpretation of the Bible, you are in judgment, which is not your burden, this is not your assignment. God did not put you here to correct others, or to judge others. To apply right and wrong is to judge, this is not of God. Challenge everything that is pressed upon you by others and you will know the truth. Ask God yourself, he is listening. You do not have to speak, for God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, God is the I Am. Feel God in you and you can communicate without the spoken word. Remember where three are gathered together is not people, it is the trinity in you. Jesus did not say go out into the world and do these great things, oh but make sure to stay in groups of three. The force of God lives in you, you need nothing more than to love all that is God’s, which is everything, including you. Love those that harm you or offend you. Love those that judge you and bless them with your forgiving spirit. Know that it is hard to change, to know that you plus God is enough and the proverbial strait and narrow is love and no judgment. Forgive yourself and love yourself for this is of God.

Judgement is Not Ours

Why do we allow our past and our future to torment us? Why do we choose to not see the wondrous power of now? Why is the hardest part of life grasping the understanding that our source is the power of the universe contained by our minds in a skin suit? When we know that we have a choice of joy, love, and peace, why do we choose sadness, hate and fear? When we know that there is an element of our spirit that is shared with every other creation on this planet, how can we garner the capacity to hate? Knowing the human essence is straight from God, how can we see the color of another skin and make judgment as if we are somehow on a higher plain of existence? Once we know that right and wrong are the products of mental conditioning and illusions that invite judgement reserved for the creator, why do we continue to apply them? Why do we limit ourselves with fear? Why do we fear judgement? There is a scientific theory out there that studies God and why God may have made us. The basis of the theory is, how can infinity know self? What is infinity. Jesus said, we can only know of the father, we can never truly know who the father is, because he is “I AM”, meaning all things, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. If you were infinity, the only way you would be able to experience some level of you is through the physical conscious of us. Incredibly difficult concept to grasp, but it is something to consider and or ponder. The theory invites us to think, what if we were part of the creator? What if the creator can only experience what it is to some degree, through us? What if our life experience is God’s? Obviously, there are pros and cons to this theory, but the largest pro, is you cannot fail. You are cut from the same cloth as kings and queens. You carry the DNA of the creator in you. We know the physical body is born, but where does the spiritual essence come from? We live in a universe of laws. You do not need to believe in the law of gravity to be subject to it. You do not need to believe in God to be a part of God, to contain the spiritual essence of God. We often wonder why we see people not associated with a religious sect amass wealth and power. The answer is, they are cut from the same cloth and kings and queens, they have the power of the creator inside them. To know thyself is to know God, why? Because to know you, is to know the spirit of you and the spirit of you is from the Creator. Be not imprisoned by the past or the future, for we contain the power of our creator and cannot fail. Know that if God is infinity and God is love, he did not create hate, we did. God essentially said to Adam and Eve in the garden, if you think you are so special, you try handling the power of creation. Adam and Eve created wrong, judgment, fear, and hate. The creator did not tell them to do these things, in fact God said not to, but we keep repeating the sins of our fathers over and over. Stop it! Right now, you have in you the power of this universe, the God that set the foundations of all things in you. Stop hating and start loving. Stop judging and start loving, stop worrying and start loving. God is love, not hate; won’t you spend so time with the essence of the creator today? If you see the world as lost, know this is not love, this is not of God, this is not of the creator, this is a perversion of the gifts given to us by the creator of all things. Stop worrying about race, and skin color and start being what you are supposed to be. If you look at another and see anything other than God’s perfect loving creation, you need to stop. Acid destroys the vessel in which it is stored, judgement is reserved for the creator. The judgment of another is a hideous song to sing. Just for today, let our spirits be of the creator, let our love for life, the gift of the creator be without judgement. We are all perfect in spirit, and so we cannot judge another as less than perfect, less we condemn ourselves. Today, free yourself of judgement, love all things as yourself is loved by the creator and the wondrous power of this universe is yours.