From Whence I Came

What if reality is the illusion? What if the story of Jesus, was to tell us this was not real, and that only the spirit of God is real. The energy that animates and holds all cells together is the only real thing? What if the writers of the story were limited in their understanding? Jesus tried to tell us, that he was “I Am” that he was of his father. What if religion and other things that has people worshipping something physical is a poor translation. Make no other gods, no graven images, screams, you are spirit, not physical and therefor God is not physical. If you close your eyes and say “I Am”, you are. Never say I am this or that unless you wish to be this or that, for you have the power of the creator in the words “I Am”. I am happy leads to happiness, I am sad leads to more sadness. You are I AM. Jesus told us this. You are I am. The writers at the time could not see beyond their perception of the world. Jesus told them, I am not.of this world, meaning nobody is OF this world. We are of I am.

If you are struggling in life, the gift God gave you, go find a quite spot and say to yourself I am, over and over until the truth of I am gives you peace. If you need the holy spirit to well up in you, I Am. If you need the power that created all things I Am. Jesus was crucified for I AM, but what the people of the time did not truly understand is I Am cannot be slain, for it was never born. We made the Pope and Satan. We are I Am. When you think about it, people like the Pope do not want you to know you are I Am. For when you know I Am, he has no power over you, he no longer has say in your gift. You are I Am. do not believe me ask God. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. End the end however, everyone’s path to God, to truth, the lifting of the veil will be unique, will have its season. You will be ready when you are ready. Many do not ever know from whence they came, or why they were here, and most that read these words will not see truth in this life, and that is okay. Life is not about that anyway. Discovery, yes but, discovery is different for all, because we are merely peices of the infinite, therefore, unique. All that is important is that we seek the kingdom of God and that is now. The kingdom is habitat. The habitat for God is us, the trees, the birds, the oceans, the earth, and all the energy that makes these things and more. It is impossible to know God, but you can know of God, for God is infinite and the infinite cannot be defined, cannot be known, merely experienced. Our gift is to experience a peice of God, life. We cannot be omnipresent in this experience,.for this is the beginning and the end, not the now. Jesus asked what do you know of the beginning? For what was the beginning, is also the end, we return, form which we came, the omnipresence that animates all things… God

We have built great walls to knowledge, walls from truth. There will be readers of this, that merely dismiss it, as blasphemy or the mumbling of a mystic. This is the wall. They do not seek truth, they seek validation for what they have been taught and what they teach. Some spend their entire experience, trying to understand the wall between God and us… the only wall is the one that person creates, the wall is the fantasy. When we remove the perception of the writer, the Bible is written, so that a child could understand, but an adult will struggle. The wall, is low for a child, their imagination is their gift, the adult rationalizes serving and signing about Jesus, the man, versus what occupied the man, and occupies you. Jesus said I speak of where I come when I say I was not born of man. He was speaking of the spirit that animates your body. The holy ghost and christ are the same, God is omnipresent, the writers, did not know how to write many things Jesus taught. Jesus spoke three words to Thomas, “you are God” as I Am God. This is why Thomas could not say the three words. The walls or perceptions of the time were too well established, they were too tall. They would have killed Thomas as they killed the body of Jesus. But once you know that the human body like everything, is intelligent energy and physical things are an illusion, you will know why the resurrection was possible, for the energy that animates you, can reanimated you once you know of it as the true I Am.

Jesus truly knew I Am. I, like many that will read these words will not see them as true, until the time is right. I am not here to lead you to light, I am merely saying you are light, and someday, you will know this as I know this. You do not have to believe in gravity for its effects to be felt, I Am, does not need to be known, for I Am. You are, I Am, not the whole, but part, as Jesus was, you are. If you are able to understand the power that resides in I Am, life will change, nothing will seem the same. Just like Neo, in the Matrix, your veil will be lifted and small talk will bore you, entertainment will no longer entertain, but the joy that will flood your heart cannot and will not be contained. The truth is all around us, the heart beats before the brain exist, your soul is as valuable as any. God does not see a Pope, God sees our soul, our individual energy, and we return not unto a preacher, leader or holy man, we return the knowlege of spirit… the knowledge of I Am.

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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