A Conversation

“God, what is the Bible?” “The greatest love story ever told, my child”. “How will the story end?” “My love for my children has no end, it has no beginning, for my children have always been and always will be.” “If you wish to read a story of war between good and evil, you will find it, however the story is of my love for you, you chose to fear, you chose to hate and to make war. Love. I built this world with love, I made the trees of the cross for love, I moved the stone for love, I move your mountains for love. The Bible my child, is a story of my love.” “How accurate is the Bible?” “If I wrote the story of the sun, would you question the truth? The words of God are truth, and in my words there is no sin, no error. Though the pens of many prophets trembled with fear, I told them the truth of all things. My love is you, fear has no place for my children unless they make it so. My words cannot be but truth, for I Am.” “What am I supposed to learn from reading the Bible?” “I am Love. If it is, I am.” “So if I read the Bible looking for love, that is what I should find?” “Yes. Seek love in all things and love in all things there will be. Seek fear in things, and you will find fear. Do not be afraid, for I hold the balance, I hold all that is and ever will be. That which I have made cannot falter or fail, for it is perfection, it is what I Am.” “We worry about what we have done to this beautiful planet, that we might be destroying it, will it last until you return?” “That which has been made so by my hand is perfect and cannot be corrupted. No power is greater than I. Return? I Am here, I Am the grass, I Am all. I Am from whence all things come and that which I Am cannot pass away. The fearful have seat, they have no bed. Do not error, all that I Am cannot be set aside. Fear not the end, as you did not fear the beginning, for I Am the beginning and the end, and I have made it so, so you may be there also. Some of my children have chosen a path of error, but my love knows no end and my table, will seat all of my children. Nothing passes away, all things come to me and to me is eternal, to me is the source of all that has ever was or will be, and love is all my children will know of me. Be not tormented by the error of others among you, for you know not their purpose, their heart, or their duty placed there by all that I Am. Do not spend the gift on the things rooted in error, seek only truth that sits at my feet, wrapped in the fleece of love, for this is to know the greatest key, the greatest path, where my footprints are also.”

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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