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Are our thoughts ours? What is a thought? What is life? We go along in this journey day after day without inquest or inquiry into what, why and how. We have left this to other people, but everyone will see the answers to these questions differently. I equate this to the tower of Babylon story, as God does not need us to completely understand, nor does God want us wasting time, time is life, on stupid ventures. God knows a tower to the sky, exploration into the sky is a waste of time, because it is without, and God also lives within us. Why do we continually seek God and the kingdom of God somewhere else? The translation of heavens from the original text is all around, above and below, encompassing all, but we choose sky. God is all things, God lives in you. Stop looking up, God is right here with you. Stop looking for God using a map created by a church that was formed to control you. Your relationship with God does not need interpretation from someone else. Communion is wonderful and I believe necessary as we are social beings, but we do not need someone to offer a ritual, we can be in Communion with God and others individually as intended. Think about the veil being lifted from the eyes of Paul and the letters to the churches, where in essence stop being controlled and be true to what God has created. God did not create you to follow another person. That other person will not be your guide at the end, it will be you and God in direct Communion, so practice. God is talking all the time and sometimes we hear God and we say, oh that was just a passing thought. Passing thought? Define passing thought. Start asking yourself is this me or something else. Remember what the early church made up as Satan is a created being, meaning he does not live in you, only God does. Edison was once asked “how did you come up with all these inventions?” Edison said I believe these ideas are all around us in the air, and I merely have selected them from this common medium. This common medium Edison spoke of is our constant Communion, which some scientists call the universal subconscious mind, a mind below our typical level of consciousness. God the creator of all things is all around us, in constant Communion with us. Life is a journey, where we allow the creator to experience physical life though us. The spiritual part of us, will live on, because it is of God and has always been. Our life experiences will be with us for eternity, therefore make the best experience possible. Spend no more time condemning the life or actions of yourself or others. Let the sun hit your face and love every precious moment of this gift of life. Do not waste it on TV or News or hate, or judgement or regret or fear. God is love and if you want to be in close Communion, love what he has made, and that is everything and every one. Another cannot offend you if you love without judgment. The sin is to kill, not to be killed. Justice, redemption and retribution are words and ideas we created to hide shame, fear and hate. Spend no time on these things. Everything in this life is precious, do not be confused, God will not be mocked, for everything was created by God and God will not stand in judgment of the creation and be judged by the created. The greatest lie ever told is the closest to the truth. Ask yourself today, do I know what I have been taught to be something I risk it all on? God answers prayers. Ask God to reveal to you the truth about something. Ask God if you should believe the written word of the created, this even means me, or use these writings as a gateway to discovery. I believe the Bible to be the Word of God, but I also believe the early institution of church was founded as a secondary form of control and these historical church leaders may have conspired to set themselves up as guides when no such guide is needed. The counsel set up under Constantine were charged with determining what texts would persist, we do not know the hearts of these people, because they wrote their own history. Jesus spoke in parables, because he foresaw this historical purging. People not seeking God in all things do not truly understand the teachings of Jesus, as these counsel members did not either, preserving the sanctity of Jesus’s teachings to a great extent. Do not discard decent. Remember the parable, I knocked, and you did not answer. This paprable is screaming at you to let truth in, for if you trust God, God will help you know truth. Know there is proof that words, meanings and translations were changed and we need to be able to see through the noise of ritual to see God. Simply ask yourself when reading the word of God, does this statement align with other parts of the text or can there be a mistranslation. The word says fear not, and then fear God. The word translated as fear also means stand in awe and reverence of. God is love, not fear. We may think this is petty, but churches are divided of words spoken by Jesus on the cross. If the word do not align with what we know of God and Jesus, the translation is wrong, period. God lives in you personally,, therefore you do not need to seek the counsel of others for meaning and definition of God, you can ask God directly and it will be revealed, if you listen and seek truth, versus collaboration. We do not need someone to anoint us or approve our passage, or be of a certain biblical scholarship to baptise us. Jesus said John the Baptist was above all, but those that learned of the kingdom would be above John. Jesus did not say, a preacher or a pope that learned of the kingdom, he said those, meaning me and you. If you look up the definition of pharisee, it will be a pretty good description of the modern pope. Condemning walls from behind walls, set up as leaders yet in recluse, hiding from the masses and truth, rationing understanding, acting as a gatekeeper of truth, but sharing no truth. To know God does not require denomination, this is made up by us. When God speaks of the church, God is talking about people, not buildings, not boards or preachers, or popes. God is talking about us. I advocate church attendance, do not misunderstand my statements. I am merely saying serve God, not the church, seek God in all things not what our religion has taught us to seek, do not seek religion, seek God. Go out into the world and live, laugh and love for these are of the creator. Talk to God today.

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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