Start Today

You do not have to be great to be great, you merely need to start. Lotteries have weakened the drive for many. When I say lottery, I am simply saying the get rich quick society that has arisen in recent years. The reason most state lottery winners eventually file bankruptcy is because of the old phrase, nothing earned, nothing preserved. If we do not earn things, we will not keep things, because we do not respect things. We seek peace and freedom and we feel as though money will bring these feelings, and in some cases, they do allow us to feel these feelings. The problem arises from us basing our feeling on these things. When we try to make a feeling occur based on an external reality, something outside of ourselves, we create an environment where, when these things become common place and they will, we still have not discovered the key to happiness. The older generation and many modern-day countries have lived life without clean running water or electricity, and they would do anything for these basics. Today we give these things not a second’s worth of gratitude in many respects in the daily life of an American. The reason God wraps gifts in problems is so that we have a way to earn the gift, so that we respect and are grateful for the gift. If God did not do this, we would cast the gift aside or give it away.

Cherish your trials, for they are teaching you how to appreciate the gifts that are coming. Feel gratitude for the lesson and the gift will appear. Look no longer at your feet. Lift your eyes to the horizon to see the light of a new day. Do not seek things, seek the feelings that are generated. Feel those feelings now and the things that are associated with those feelings will find their way to you. If you want to be depressed tomorrow, go ahead and feel depressed today. That is the best way to stay where you are, to keep feeling the way you do. But if you want to be different tomorrow, you must feel different today. Feel the ever-present feeling of hope, joy and love, right now and the events necessary to see these will begin to appear. Eckhart Tolle says fear is something from the future or past that we are choosing to bring into our current moment. In this very moment, most have nothing to fear. Few exceptions exist to this. For example, you may be reading this in a field, staring at a lion, which would make the current moment a fearful one and in that scenario, this is a good use of fear, because you will need that extra adrenaline to outrun that lion.

The secret to life is to cherish your moments, for moments become lifetimes. Waste little time on fear. To be the greatest you, simply take a step toward the feelings of joy, peace, love and gratitude. When you begin to internally recite these feelings to yourself often enough to make them a rudimentary part of you being, your life will be changed. You will begin to attract all the things these feelings are associated with in you, into your life, your reality. This is the law of attraction. What are you feeling right now? What will the law of attraction bring into your life based on how you feel right now? If you are not feeling joy, love, peace and gratitude right now, start. Joy, love, peace and gratitude are the most powerful feelings in the universe. Begin today to take a moment and feel these feelings and see how your day changes. Use the law of substitution in a way that you substitute a bad emotion for a good one. If you are not sure which emotion to use to substitute, the answer is love. God created all things and we are to love all things. You have the choice to experience heaven or hell, because the kingdom is now. Choose heaven, for you will remember your time here when your spirit leaves the physical body. Therefore, it is so incredibly important to treat everyone and everything with respect and a loving spirit. Be who you want to be tomorrow, today. Start on your journey to personal greatness today.

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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