Why do we fear death?

The medical field tends to define death as no heartbeat or pulse, science seems to suggest the end respiratory and brain activity, and many religions believe this is the point of entry into the biblical eternal life, the separation of the physical and non-physical being. A physicist named Nassim Haramein, has said that his research points to consciousness having its own intelligence and it sourced from outside the body. He believes there may be a series of worm holes that allow an intelligence from both inside and outside the known universe to participate in this energy field, we call consciousness. His theories seem to support biblical beliefs that God is at the root of all things, through an intelligent quantum wave, some call zero-point energy. My interpretation of death, the point that the spiritual essence of the conscious being leaves the physical body and joins the general quantum field (energy/God). I believe that God/The Holy Spirit is this energy. I believe the energy that has been restricted by our bodies is released into the energy field that science is calling quantum energy.

I have struggled with this for some time, as this might imply that those that experience a physical death, do not experience a non-physical death and their energy is free to roam the known and unknown universe with the creator. The reason for my struggle is heaven and hell. If our non-physical energy, connected and sourced from God is released and is free to intermingle with God where God is, which is everywhere, would this not be heaven? This has led me to conclude that we create hell, and we create it right now, while we are physically alive. I have concluded that hell only exist if we allow it to exist, and that our life on this earth is a choice between living in heaven or hell while we are alive. Jesus said, the kingdom is now. Jesus also told those other men from the cross, today, you will be with me in paradise. I am not remotely suggesting that death should be desired, but it should not be feared either. This has also led me to a new understanding of the 5th commandment, thou shalt not kill. It is not a sin to die, it is a sin to kill. We cannot be justified in killing and that is so different from what I had once believed. Killing is too big of a topic for this moment, but it is enough to consider this commandment in a new way and simply consider whether any war or defense, no matter how noble, is worth breaking this commandment.

Back to death. We all mourn the loss of a loved one and no one is free from an eventual physical death. We are losing a dog that we have had in our lives for some 15 years. He has been such a good dog that the pain of the process is tough to take on. Yet, I know he will be free from the physical pain body, as Eckhart Tolle describes it. Our dog will be free to be where he wants to be. The life experience, the journey, as I call it, is an opportunity to explore life through a set of physical senses. I believe our memories of great food, great feeling, great smells and great sounds will travel with us. An although we probably will not be able to use these senses again, we will have had that experience. God says that life is a gift. I believe God is saying this physical life is part of this gift and it should be equally cherished while we can. When you think of life like that it seems to free the mind, and to add value to where it is to be, the present. When the sun rises, cherish the feeling of warmth on your face, take in the aromas of spring and taste wonders of honey like you have never done before. Death is not to be feared, but to be a point on our timeline that reminds us to live right now, to live today, to live in this very precious moment. If you are still with us, cherish it. Live today, for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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