Steps three and four

Step three is find a guided meditation that speaks to you and through you. Or write a prayer that affirms your gratefulness for all the things that you need, as if you already have them. The key is to meditate or pray in a manner the leaves no doubt it is done. Please find a place that is quite and comfortable. A place that you do not fear being disturbed. The best method for me is to get up early and get into a separate room. You should make this environment one that does not trigger your body to bother you, so a comfortable temperature and no noise. It may be a good idea for you to get noise cancelling headphones for your prayer or meditation time. Finally, do this every day, and do not stop when you start getting what you desire. Stay connected to the creator.

The hardest step is step four. Once you leave your meditation or prayer you need to feel as if it is done and you need to live as if it is. You must be different, live like a person that has these things. Be greater mentally then your current reality. Remember that reality is what you think it is anyway. Two people can witness the same event and report completely different things. You have the metal ability to change your reality. Being fully present in each moment of you day is critical, so that the old mental programs do not have a chance to run and derail you. Do not get discouraged if you fall off the beam, or fall into an old thought pattern, just acknowledge it, say audibly to yourself “Stop” and regain control of your thoughts. It works.

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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