Starting some change

I am a steward of my own success or my own failure. The thoughts that I choose dictate the outcome, because thoughts are active beliefs. Because I was raised in a poor household it is easier for me to believe in lack. If I think I am poor, the universe seeks to confirm this belief. To recondition the mind for wealth, years of negative thoughts on lack must be ripped from the fertile ground of my mind. Negative thoughts suck as lack are like weeds, and are especially hard to rid, if you put them intentionally. The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is said to explain this phenomenon better than I ever could. I do not blame my beginnings; I only acknowledge the challenge it presents when attempting to change mental programming. A religious organization used to say, give me a child until they are 7 and I will show you the man. Somehow, they knew that the human mind simply records directives like a video recorder until the age of 7. To do this as an adult, it takes forms of hypnosis. So as a child if you witnessed a daily dose of lack for the first 7 years of your life, you would find it extremely hard to think differently about money as an adult.

Step one to changing your financial belief system, is to stop condemning those that have wealth. The universe is a universe of laws. The law of attraction states that what you focus your attention on is attracted to you. If you focus on hating success the opposite of success will be attracted to you. Therefore, rejoice and feel emotionally good for those that have wealth. Knowing your Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator will help here. If your 3rd indicator is “T” Thinking, you may over analyze this for a time, maybe even interview others to confirm its validity. Just trust yourself to follow the plan and you will get through this, it may feel like for a time that you are trying not to think, but just focus on substitution. “F” Feeling types should find this easier since you seek harmony, this practice will feel more natural, because you will be generating more personal harmony. Do not worry, you are not hurting anyone by focusing on yourself for a minute, practice makes progress is the theme of this one.

Step 2 to changing your financial future is to stop thinking, feeling and saying things that a poor person would say. Use the law of substitution to start. Instead of saying I cannot make my car payment this month, replace it with a statement like, by day and by night the universe prospers me in all my interest, and I feel a greater amount of wealth is coming toward me. Note, do your best to visualize and feel the bill paid. See the balance due as zero. This will take some practice, but do not loose heart because you might be amazed how fast this can work. This step may move faster or slower, based on your personality type. If you take a Meyers-Briggs Personality test and find that the last indicator is “P” Perception/Perceiver you may be faster at this step than a “J” Judger. With new information, Perceivers can change quickly where Judgers need time to be convinced their old ways were not good enough. Once you know this about yourself, if will help you understand why you got through it so easily or why it may take some additional time. Hang in there it is worth it.

There is much more to this as you might expect but start here and be sure to read or listen to Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and the next steps will come more naturally. Just know that changing your thoughts from negative to positive, from lack to abundance has to be part of the first steps you take. Your subconscious mind, the portion of your mind that runs below consciousness, operating your heart, and all other bodily functions is extremely powerful, but the programs are set if you are older than 7, so convincing it to change its life programs will be hard. Start with a single word approach at night right before you go to sleep. If it is wealth and abundance you seek, just recite wealth over and over until you fall asleep, the subconscious mind will work on helping you find this while you sleep. This topic is too complex to completely define here, but please do try some of these things and you will undoubtedly grow in the area of need.

Published by The Journey

Average person seeking more meaning in life. I was raised in a faith that unknowingly taught, seek your religion in all things, but as I grew up and started to better understand the relationship I have with the creator of this universe and the source of all conscienceless, I decided to seek the creator in all things. Not a man or a woman, not a right or a wrong, but the thing that hold all subatomic particles together, the energy that connects everything. This is the story of some of my revelations along the journey we call life.

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