Look For It

We always find what we are looking for. Look for hate, and you will find hate. Look to disprove intelligent design and you will not see the proof of intelligent design. The chances of the big bang theory being an actual event, has more leading zeros that one could see in a lifetime. Intelligent design theory has one more zero and it is not acceptable. The bulk of science has looked for and accepted the big bang without any real reason, other than to remove intelligent design from our schools. You have a better chance of being struck by lighting every day, for the rest of your life, and surviving thousands of strikes, than big bang being close to acceptable theology, by any scale. Science will go on for hours on why they feel this is the most plausible beginning, but all of the made up words, mean, we have no idea, but we want you to think we do. Significant findings have been made that support a renewed conversation regarding intelligent design, but all major scientific journals block these findings from being published. There was a finding, some 25 years ago mow that derailed any possibly that man evolved from a primate without intervention. There is a story in our DNA, that tells us there was a break, and it could not have been overcome without intervention, and they have found this occurred in many creatures that would have needed to evolve. There are DNA markers that appear to be tranlatable into language, There are DNA end points in the middle of the human DNA, there are things, that cannot be ignored, but simply are being ignored, because it cannot be explained. Ignoring something because it does not make sense, is the crust of our scientific definition of our beginning. It is a time of awakening, a time to know that the energy that created all things animates our body. Science avoids the conversation of consciousness like the plauge, because they know that we know, that they don’t know. They would like to ignore it, or deflect with meaningless jargon, to the point of insanity. We need to live and learn beyond the framework of our current knowledge and perception. Churches get so turned around by the teachings of Jesus, it is hard to tell if they serve the Christ the spirit, or Jesus the man. The Bible should be clear, that Christ is the spirit of Gid that resided in Jesus the man and resides in you. The story of Jesus should tell the reader that the Christ, spirit of God cannot die, consciousness, as we call it. The story of Jesus is that story, of spirit, but for some reason, we make it a physical story. The writing should be easy to read, but the perceptions of the writers and translators could not allow. Jesus told  Thomas “I AM GOD” as you are, this why Thomas could not tell the others of what he said. Perception would not allow it, for in that time, they would have crucified him as they did Jesus.

The fall from grace is the knowledge of good and evil. The conscious awareness of physical over spirit, the spirit that animates our souls. We stopped knowing we are connected to God, the source of all, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. The road back is to overcome the physical blocks put in front of us by those that came before us. To write a new tomorrow, we must understand today. You do not have to die to see the kingdom, Jesus spoke of, for it is now, God is now, the Christ, Holy Spirit animates your soul, your being and it cannot die, for it has never been born. That which has been born will pass away, but that which lives in us, is not born, we simply return to the source, God, from which we are of. Our separation from God is an illusion created by us. God is infinity, and infinity has no beginning and no end, and cannot know itself. However if infinity creates small pieces of itself, it can know of itself to a degree. Take time to pray and meditate, to connect with that which you are and your life will fill full. Take nothing from yesterday, and enjoy this very precious moment created just for you, right now. The past is for the departed, the future is for the unborn, but now, is just for us. Look for what you want to find.

Breaking Out of Prison

Our past is our prison. The sea of forgetfulness is a blessing, throw your sins in there and move on. Ask a great inventor about the day they created their greatest invention, and they might say, well I believe I took a nap and woke to it in my head. They do not remember because to see things that are not there for most requires a forgetful mind. To remember what was, limits what can be. Forget yesterday, if you wish not repeat it. Tomorrow’s greatest advancement lies in not limiting our minds with the burdens of today. To get something you want, one should forget they do not have it. Forgetting the past, is the key to a future full of new and exciting things. Nothing that remains the same shines for long, as life is ever changing. We are not the same person we were when we awoke this morning and we will not be the same tomorrow. Stop fearing change and become the primer for it, long for it, embrace it, and the free spirit that animates your soul will sing a heavenly song in your heart.

Be Only Powerful You

We are not only in control of our own thoughts, we are responsible for our own thoughts. We cannot, nor should we, try to control another’s thoughts. If you are in a relationship, it is important that you remember, the other being is not responsible for your happiness and that neither people or things can bring true lasting happiness. One has to decide to be happy, and no person, thing or place can force that. Dream, the dream of you, not of others. Respect their dreams, but do not hold yourself to the dreams of another. You may play a role in the dream of another, but you cannot play the lead. When you close your eyes, you see you, not when you look at another. God gave you this gift for you. Service is great, but, remember it is simply a momentary role, that is not the lead role. You can walk in the shoes of another for only a moment, but remember, if you put those shoes on, there you are also. You cannot help an addict, by being an addict. You cannot lift, when you weaken yourself. The past and or future is like a museum, you can visit it, but you cannot live there. The power of the creator resides with you in this moment. You sacrifice and or waste this power by thinking of a time not now. Worry cannot survive now. Fear cannot survive now. Stay in an area of strength for those you love. Stay present, stay strong, and the love that created this life experience, that animates your body and soul works for you, works in you and works through you.

We Are What We Are

You are not who you think you are. You are who you are. God did not create who you think you are, but what you are. Just as you do not get or know what you think, but what you believe, what you know. If you know you do not have it, you are right. If you know you do have it, your right. The tree was called the knowledge of good and evil. Know nothing of evil and it will not know you. Know nothing of darkness and you will live in light. Contrast is an amazing tool in this life. If we did not see and experience things that we do not want, we would have trouble defining what we do want, and like it or not, we like contrast. There is a movie called Pleasantville, and it tells the story of contrast. Some will view it and see sin or perfection, but sin is merely error in judgment in the majority of cases, because we lack contrast. Raised in a broken home, with a parent that abuses the other, makes the children likely to repeat, not because of genetics, that has been scientifically disproven dozens of times, but environment. We know what we know and we do what we know. If you want to be different tomorrow, think something different today, see something different today, know something different today. We are what we are. We are what we know.

Who are you?

Who are you? If you are a parent, what power would you withhold from your child? What would you want them to have in this life? Would you require them to ask more than once for something you know they need and you have the power to provide? Would you make them a beggar? What would you tell them to fear, if you controlled all? What creation would you ask them to hate, if you created all? Is your love a path straight and narrow? Is your love conditional for your children? Would you send your child to hell? If you were love, would you send your child to hell? If you were love, and you made all things, where is heaven? If you are love and you created all things how would your child know you? Do you live in your children? If you created all things, would you not be all things, and if you were all things would you not be omnipresence in all things? When you send your child to school, do you stop loving them, do you have no thoughts of them, and when they call, would you answer? If you created the heart would you not know its purpose? If you created the mind, would you not know its role. If knew how to make your children the most powerful being in existence, would you not? If you are with your children every step, do they need to ask for something they need or do you know? What if your child refuses to open the gift that contains what they need, do you stop trying to give, do you turn your back? If you were the root of all and all is love, would you create a hell, or would you allow your children to create a place of contrast, so that they might know the difference between love and fear? If the right or wrong way existed, would you tell your children there is not, by saying, I am the way, the truth, the life? If you were I Am, would you not know or allow your children to be, to experience, you, your infinite abundance and power? As a parent you might allow your children to experience contrast, to make choices, and even experience pain, when you know it’s temporary and there is no death of you, the spirit that lives in them, that pervades all things, that knows not death. How, can your child’s spirit know death, if his or her spirit has always been? Would you not send an example to demonstrate this to your children when they appear to be lost? You tell them, that the Christ spirit that resides in them is the I Am, it is the path to you, but your children miss the breathe of the message, would you not still love them, would you not still know, their spirit will return to you when this gift of life has served its purpose of expansion and experience? Who are your children, who are you?

We are creators

We are creators. God gave us the ability to create our own experience. What we know to be true, becomes our truth. Scientists have measured the power of human emotion. The stronger the emotion, the stronger, and further the energy travels from the body. Dr Deispenza, has measured human energy, emiting from the body, 9 meters. The more focused the energy is, in other words specific, the higher the frequency. Sadness, joy, fear, love and hate are powerful emotions. What emotional signature does your body radiate. Those that have, do not want of feel lack for that which they have, this is the definition of belief, of faith. Whenever you know something is going to happen, that is faith. The two have been gathered together, the heart and the mind and you are unstoppable at this moment. Wanting is lack, and the opposite of faith. Want for nothing, know you have it. You have a beautiful gift in this life, the ability to create your own reality, choose a heavenly reality, for this is the time of the kingdom. You dwell in it. God has given your spirit the ability to form this physical being, to experience God’s wonder and power, from a different perspective. If you are looking for gold, you will sometimes need to move some dirt, but keep looking for the gold. Enjoy every aspect of the process, for this is the experience. Talk only about things you know you have, never about want. Want is lack. Knowing is having.

A Conversation

“God, what is the Bible?” “The greatest love story ever told, my child”. “How will the story end?” “My love for my children has no end, it has no beging, for my children have always been and always will be.” “If you wish to read a story of war between good and evil, you will find it, however the story is of my love for you, you chose to fear, you chose to hate and to make war. Love. I built this world with love, I made the trees of the cross for love, I moved the stone for love, I move your mountains for love. The Bible my child, is a story of my love.” “How accurate is the Bible?” “If I wrote the story of the sun, would you question the truth? The words of God are truth, and in my words there is no sin, no error. Though the pens of many prophets trembled with fear, I told them the truth of all things. My love is you, fear has no place for my children unless they make it so. My words cannot be but truth, for I Am.” “What am I supposed to learn from reading the Bible?” “I am Love. If it is, I am.” “So if I read the Bible looking for love, that is what I should find?” “Yes. Seek love in all things and love in all things there will be. Seek fear in things, and you will find fear. Do not be afraid, for I hold the balance, I hold all that is and ever will be. That which I have made cannot falter ot fail, for it is perfection, it is what I Am.” “We worry about what we have done to this beautiful planet, that we might be destroying it, will it last until you return?” “That which has been made so by my hand is perfect and cannot be corrupted. No power is greater than I. Return? I Am here, I Am the grass, I Am all. I Am from wence all things come and that which I Am cannot pass away. The fearful have seat, they have no bed. Do not error, all that I Am cannot be set aside. Fear not the end, as you did not fear the beginning, for I Am the beginning and the end, and I have made it so, so you may be there also. Some of my children have chosen a path of error, but my love knows no end and my table, will seat all of my children. Nothing passes away, all things come to me and to me is eternal, to me is the source of all that has ever was or will be, and love is all my children will know of me. Be not tormented by the error of others amoung you, for you know not their purpose, their heart, or their duty placed there by all that I Am. Do not spend the gift on the things rooted in error, seek only truth that sits at my feet, wrapped in the fleece of love, for this is to know the greatest key, the greatest path, where my footprints are also.”

The Light

If your path is difficult consider your direction. The straight and narrow means without error, it is not a direction. Although physical death is not to be feared, it is not to be desired. The infinite power of God lives in you. We call this portion of God, The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and your spirit are one in the same. You cannot be separated. The human ego is your personal creation to separate you from the spirit of God. Because God is infinite, God cannot be known, because the Holy Spirit is of God, and you are of God, you cannot be known. We can only know of God. If you feel yourself rationalizing something that is not in accord with what you know of God, the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you, you are in error, that you are going the wrong way. Once we know what we are, we no longer desire to judge others, more importantly, ourselves. We do not look upon another and say they need to be saved, to be guided to and through a religion. The flame of God burns in all people. We are all God’s children and this can only be hidden not changed. Stop hiding who you are, stop looking for the afterlife and live this one. God is here in you now, God’s love knows you, won’t you seek to know of God?

Today, know that God, the creator of all things, the inhibitor of all things knows you. God created you for a purpose, and it was not to burden yourself with the past or future, it was to live now, to know the light, that God has made you for. You are so incredibly special, your spirit is a beacon for others in the dark of yesterday or in the despair of tomorrow. It is your task to be alive in this moment where your power granted by God lives active in you. The power to move mountains is the power of now. Hope gets you up, faith gets you through. Nothing can harm you in this moment, nothing can divert your path in this moment. Silence the ego in you, and here the voice of God. God knows you. You cannot hide from God, for God lives in you. If you walk in darkness God is there, if you judge another, God is there. Know of God, I Am.

God knows the how

Stop looking out there, it has to happen inside first. Whatever it is you have to feel it first. Healing, wealth, happiness, love… First feel it and then you receive it. If you find yourself constantly saying when I get this then I will feel this, you are running backwards in this life. You will never feel what you want to feel, because the feeling is not reside in the external thing, it resides in you. When you cut your finger, it heals because you know/believe it will in your subconscious mind. You don’t say well it won’t heal unless this or that, or if you do, you only delay the healing. Psychology has started to map the cause of all diseases to a mental begining. It is natural for the human body to be healthy and happy, but we  have the power to change this nature state, to disrupt perfection. God made us perfect, and gave us the ability to live in perfection or error. The reason it is referred to as the straight and narrow is there is no gray area. We either live in completely perfection as God created us, or in error, allowing our physical journey to dictate how we feel, to shape who we think we are. I have said it many times, where our focus goes, energy flows and where energy flows, we end up. Take a moment and ask yourself, what is it that consumes my thoughts? Wellness or sickness, wealth or debt, peace or gossip, harmony or controversy? We are what we think we are. Our future is what we decide it to be. If we obsess about how to do something we are trying to walk in God’s shoes, for the how is not ours. Our job is to feel it from the end state that which we desire and God does the how. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about the how, stop. If God is using you for the how, you will know, you never have to craft the how. We can, as we have the power to craft the how, some of us are very strategic thinkers, and we are often deployed to the aid of others, but know that when this happens the strategic mind really knows only the end, not the how, they instil faith in us by knowing the process, because they see the end state. We have to be careful about asking others for help in spiritual things as our relationship with God is unique and cannot be known by another, regardless whom the other is. It is wonderful to be in Communion with others alone our journey, because we are all part of the whole, but know that we are all individually responsible for our lives, because no one can make you feel anything, that is a personal choice. I am asking you to feel from your desired state today. I cannot make you feel it, nor would I want to, because only you know what it feels like to be the perfect you. You cannot be compared to another, because you are one of a kind. God made you perfectly you. Today be thankful for whatever it is you desire as if you all ready have it and it is yours. You have the power in this very moment. God has the how.

You are a Miracle

Blessed is the pure of heart, for they shall see God. The only way we can overcome fear is through love. When we fear anything, it is because we have decided to do so. Fear is not of God, for God is with us in the darkest places. The light only tells us that darkness does not actually exist, and cannot exist in the presence of God, because God is light. Knowledge is to know, wisdom is to know how. When you are in darkness, that is knowledge, but to know the exit from darkness is available to you is wisdom. Solomon prayed for wisdom, because it is not enough to know, we must know how. God granted Solomon wisdom, because he was ready for it. For most of us, how is God’s only, because we are not ready to know these things. We still believe that fear is of God, we still believe Satan is of God. These things are not the reality of the wise. Ask God for wisdom, ask God if early churches created things to control you. It’s time to move your trust, your belief back to God. Only God knows your soul better than you. Not your pastor, not your spouse, not your friend. Only God knows. Seek first the kingdom of heaven, means to seek God first. You do not need to look very far, for God is all things. This is one reason graven images make no sense. God is everything and for us to worship something God created is the practice of insanity. To look for truth in the Sunday sermon is insanity, look for God. God is truth, therefore if you are in close communion, if you seek God in all things, you know truth, you have wisdom and you do not need to worry about the guidance of another. God is your Shepard, and your eternity does not depend on the acceptance of anyone but God. If you need to believe in miracle, ask a biologists to define the source of life… Not the origination, the current source of your conscience. You are a miracle. Act like it. Everything and everyone you see is a miracle. Act like it.